Saturday, April 17, 2010

April in Maine

I want to transplant some of my seedlings out…I really do. However, this past week has been rather chilly, 50s during the day and down to the low 30s at night. I didn’t want to have to worry about my transplants in the garden even under cover. So I thought it would be smart to wait a week. Each day I place the lettuce, spinach, onions, and swiss chard outside. And each night I take them inside again. I was really hoping that I could plant them this weekend.

There is a lot that needs attending to in the garden this weekend in addition to planting out some transplants. My raspberry plants came in during the week and should be planted in their permanent location. The new Square Foot Gardens still need their grids. Unfortunately, it looks as though the weather will not cooperate. It is supposed to rain most of the weekend and this is what we woke up to on Saturday:


  1. So uncool. That's just not normal.

  2. We got a dusting yesterday. Bummer, eh?

  3. I like my green grass and blue skies better. It's more conducive to gardening ;-)

  4. The only good thing about spring snow storms - is that the snow usually goes away fast. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the weather turns around for you soon and gives you more traditional spring like conditions.

  5. Ribbit: It is actually not that uncommon for us to have snow in April. It just seems so strange since we’ve has such an unusually warm Spring.

    Miss M: Good thing it doesn’t stay long this time of year.

    Granny: Yes, I agree!

    Momma_S: My reaction too.

    EG: Yup, it was a bummer, but today the snow is gone.

    KitsapFG: This week’s weather is already looking much better. I may still transplant some plants out today.

  6. Oh gees!!!!! Hopefully it all melted away quickly!

  7. We got a touch of sleet here, but no real snow, just lots of rain. So far our low in April has been only 35F so it has been very very mild.

  8. Thomas: Yes, it was gone by afternoon. But it was quite chilly and rainy the rest of the weekend.

    Daphne: I have to remember that it IS only April. The warm weather spree that we had earlier this spring was a bonus. This type of weather is normal for April in Maine.