Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some Onions, Swiss Chard Planted, Other Seedlings Hardening Off...Busy Weekend in the Garden

There is so much that can be accomplished in the garden this weekend that I am almost giddy with excitement. The weather is also supposed to cooperate.

The first batch of Copra Onions seedlings were planted out in one of the SFG:

There are four onion seedlings growing in each soil block. At first I was going to multiplant the onions by planting 4 soil blocks of 4 onions per square, but now I worry that growing so close together may reduce their size.

For this SFG, I ended up breaking the soil blocks and teasing the onion seedlings apart to plant individually at 16/square. More onions will be planted in other parts of the garden. I may keep one square of multiplanted onions just to see how they compare in growth.

Bright Lights Swill Chard seedlings were planted out in one of the SFGs. They are a bit floppy, I hope they strengthen and straighten out:

More seedlings are hardening off this week and hopefully will be planted out soon.



More Onions:

and Celery:

Celery and Broccoli will be planted in Self Watering Containers (SWC) that will be assembled over the weekend. It's time to weed whack around the garden too as the grass is getting long. It's good to be busy in the garden.


  1. I do hope you do the onion experiment. I'd love to see if they grow for you as multiplants.

  2. The onions look fabulous! Isn't it wonderful to have a beautiful spring day and the green light to plant things out!?

  3. Daphne: Since you are interested too, I WILL do the onion experiment. It will be with Patterson onions. These are replacing Copra at Johnny's Selected Seeds, so I imagine that they are similar.

  4. Laura: I think I am planting early in comparison to my neighbors. However, I suspect they do not have the knowledge nor the experience of fellow bloggers that I educate myself with.

  5. It is hard to keep up, isn't it? I know that Eliot Coleman talks about multiplanting and how it's a good idea, so I'm interested in the results of your experiments.

  6. Stefaneener: I ended up multiplanting 2 squares of the Patterson onions and regularly planted 2 squares in the same bed for comparison. It'll be fun to compare.

  7. Everything is looking really good! Your onions look meticulously sown. I really need to utilize a grid in my garden. I feel like I could accommodate even more if I did.