Monday, April 26, 2010

Carrot Seed Mats

Several weekends ago when the weather was cold, rainy and snowy, I made some carrot seed mats using Granny’s home made seed mat method (Annie’s Kitchen Garden).

I created a template out of a 1x1 foot cardboard square. I measured my 16/square spacing with ruler and marked the seed placement a sharpie:

I spread my napkin on this template. The napkin was see through enough to see the dots on the template and mark them with Elmers glue:

I added the carrot seeds to the glue dots:

The carrot varieties that I am planting in the SFGs are Nantes and Little Finger. I wrote these names on the corner of the napkin and allowed the seed mats to dry. Then I folded them up and stored them until ready to plant:

I prepped the squares in the SFG by fluffing up the soil, leveling it off with the trowel, and spraying it with water. Then I laid the seed mats in each square and sprinkled a mixture of vermiculite and compost to hold it in place:

After covering the seed mats, I tamped the soil down with the trowel and watered it in:

Thank you Granny for the inspiration for planting with seed mats!


  1. Welcome! I'm typing this with my left hand, soaking my right hand in hot salt water. Neighbor dog got a toenail in my knuckle and it's infected. Ouch!

  2. Oh Granny! I am so sorry! Please take care of yourself.

  3. I was inspired by Granny's seed mat also, it makes planting carrots so easy.
    Your cardboard template is a very clever idea.

  4. Wow, nice new look! I have to try the seed mats. I bought napkins and Elmer's Glue, but can't buy the time to do them, sigh... I think it is a great idea.

  5. I made my seed mats weeks ago- hopefully I can get them in the ground this week. We should have a couple nice days this week before the next storm comes - it might even snow again! At least it melt quickly this time of year.

  6. I need to track down some appropriate thin (cheap) napkins to give this a whirl myself. I have another round of carrots to plant and was toying with using this method for that.

  7. I really like that idea. Thank you for posting this. I think I would have put two seeds at each spot though, just to be sure.

  8. I must be the only who hasn't tried these yet ! Will have to put them to the test.

  9. Mac: Yes, it was easy to plant out the seed mats. Now I hope they grow.

    Henbogle: Thanks! The blog layout is still a work in progress. I just haven’t found the time to tweak it yet. I am hoping the seed mats will help save me time. Plus I love how neat Granny’s garden looks.

    Amy: I like that you can make the seed mats beforehand and they will be ready when you are ready to plant them. Some areas in Maine received some snow overnight last night. None here, luckily.

    kitsapFG: We use the cheapest napkins I can find for everyday use. These seem to break down quickly in the compost pile, so I thought they would work for seed mats.

    Jimmycrackedcorn: I probably should have placed two seeds in each spot just in case…I guess I am just confident (or silly) and think that they all will sprout.

    Miss M: Peer pressure is a terrible thing, isn’t it? Seriously, I haven't had luck with carrots. I gave up on planting carrots for several years. So I hope this works.

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