Monday, April 19, 2010

Harvest Monday: Salsa from Preserved Peppers

Each Monday, Daphne’s Dandelions hosts “Harvest Monday” where everyone can share links to their harvest for the week. It’s fun to see what everyone is harvesting from their gardens in different areas.
Not much gardening was accomplished this weekend. I ended up working most of the weekend in order to finish a catalog design that has to be at the printer mid-week. It was probably for the best as the weather wasn’t cooperating anyway. It stayed pretty cold and rainy most of the weekend. The snow that coated the ground on Saturday morning was gone by afternoon. The snow was a reality check for me. Although we did have some warm weather earlier this spring, lately it has returned to more normal conditions. April in Maine can be quite unpredictable.
I didn’t have an actual harvest, but I did use some of my preserved harvest from last season.
We were out of salsa. So I made another batch using the chopped, frozen peppers from the garden (salsa recipe here):

It was a shame that I had to use canned tomatoes for this batch, but it still came out great. I can’t wait to make this salsa completely from my garden vegetables.

Be sure to visit Daphne’s Dandelions to see what others are harvesting this week.


  1. I'm really looking forward to fresh garden salsa. It's been quite chilly and gray here in Northern Massachusetts as well but luckily, no frost. Hopefully, that will be the last of the snow that you'll see this spring.

  2. Peppers keep very well in the freezer, don't they? This week I also pulled some of mine from the freezer. Glad your salsa turn out great. I am sure your peppers imbued the whole salsa with home grown goodness.

  3. Cool new page layout, me likey :-)

  4. I like the new layout too!

    Hopefully I'll have enough peppers to freeze this season. They're not looking too good right now...

  5. Peppers from the freezer are a mainstay of cooking in the winter - along with sliced celery and storage onions! They are all three very versatile, and when combined represent the holy trinity of cooking.

    I need to join everyone else in admiring your web page layout update - very appealing!

  6. Thomas: I am not sure I could ever be bored with salsa, there are so many different types of salsa. I am looking forward to trying new recipes.

    Angela: I am glad peppers freeze well. Last year I was planning to can a large batch of salsa, but lost all my tomatoes to late blight. The peppers were measured out, chopped and frozen for later use. Worked out in the end.

    Dan: Thanks! It is still a work in progress.

    Momma_S: My peppers struggled last year at the beginning of the season. In the end produced very well. I hope yours come around. Are the all growing in the self watering containers?

    KitsapFG: I am growing all three this year and hope to have a good crop so some can be preserved over winter. Thanks for complimenting the layout. I am still trying to figure out blogspot.

  7. I want garden salsa from my garden too. I didn't do it last year, but hopefully this year will do it. I'm growing a lot more sauce tomatoes this year. Last year making sauce out of cherry tomatoes was a little annoying and the sauce came out too sweet.

  8. Work does tend to get in the way of gardening, doesn't it? I have salsa issues in my garden. When my cilantro is prime, my tomatoes are just beginning to flower. By the time I have tomatoes, my cilantro has all dried up. I think I'll try late planting cilantro this year to see if I can synchronize them. So many plans, so little space, so little time.

  9. Daphne: Last year most of my crops were planted for salsa and tomato sauce. The plan was foiled when late blight struck. Hopefully this year will be better.

    I can't imagine working with all those little cherry tomatoes.

  10. Lou: I purchased cilantro transplants last year and found out the hard way that cilantro doesn't like root disturbance. They bolted about a week after planting them in the garden. This year, I am planning on growing batches of cilantro in soil blocks so I can alway have some new plants ready to plop in the garden. Hopefully I can keep some going all season.