Friday, April 2, 2010

Looking Forward to the Weekend

According to March rainfall totals for my area averaged 11.24 inches. Normal rainfall for March is 4.14 inches. After a lot of rainfall earlier this week, we are looking forward to sunny skies and warm weather this weekend.

We have some big plans for this weekend. We plan on assembling the three new 4x4 Square Foot Gardens. I am hardening off spinach and lettuce for planting under the SFG Dome.

Today we ran some errands and picked up the components to make Mel’s Mix to fill the new SFGs. We called ahead and thought we could pick up everything in one store, but they only had one bag of vermiculite when we needed four. Either they sold a lot of vermiculite in a short amount of time or the person who answered the phone was incorrect. They called another location for us to see if they had vermiculite in stock. They did, so we drove to the second store.

This store was crazy busy. As we walked in we saw people walking out with bags of vermiculite and hoped there was more. Luckily for us there was. While we were waiting in line to pay, another customer also picked up a few bags of vermiculite. The shelf was almost empty and we felt fortunate to purchase our bags. We loaded up the Jeep and headed for home. We will assemble the new SFGs tomorrow.


  1. Very nice! The more space, the merrier the garden! I look forward to seeing pictures!

  2. Was 25C here today. The patch is 100% snow free and I've started to dig. Must try to work on the new beds this weekend too.

    Have a great weekend, GM !

  3. The closest weather station to me (on the same hilly ridge just a couple miles away) says we got just over 18" of rain. That is enough for normal rainfall for about five months.

    It will be a great weekend to put in some more gardens. Have fun.

  4. Awesome - we got slammed with the rain too in MA. I was a human sump pump for most of the time!!! Was nice to see the sun today :)
    Looking forward to seeing your pics when you have your gardens in! Enjoy the sun and have fun playing in the dirt this week-end :)

  5. Your seedlings look great! Especially your lettuce. Mine are rotting. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    Hopefully, the rains are behind us. Although, they don't call it "April showers" for nothing. Boo!

  6. It has been so dry here since last summer. I keep hoping for a few good rain days soon. It seems the weather is never even, either to much or to little.

  7. Sounds like the stores need to start stocking more large bags/bales of vermiculite! Looking forward to reading about the new beds soon.

  8. Jimmycrackedcorn: Thanks! I am looking forward to the expansion.

    Miss M: It just feels so good to start digging at least in the SFGs. I haven’t begun digging in the regular garden yet and probably won’t until May. The SFGs are going to be keeping me busy.

    Daphne: We had some rain, but count ourselves fortunate when we saw the rainfall totals of places a little south of us, MA, RI, etc. Wow, that last storm dumped buckets on you and that is in addition to the huge snowfall and other storms earlier in the year. Crazy weather.

    Kiwi gnomes: I know how it is to be a human sump pump. That’s some tough work. I hope you are now dry and enjoying the sun.

    Thomas: Sorry about some of your seeds rotting. I did have problems with some seeds just not sprouting in the soil blocks. Not sure what the problem was. Could be the soil mix as I seem to mix it differently each time. I usually scoop out the seeds and remix the blocks into a new batch and try again.

    Dan: Too bad we can’t share rain, huh? I’d be happy to send some your way.

    kitsapFG: It is difficult to find vermiculite here in the big bags. We have garden centers that can order it for us, but their prices are really high. Luckily this one small chain of local hardware/feed store stocks it in the spring.