Friday, April 23, 2010

One 4x4 Square Foot Garden Planted!

I had opportunity to do some gardening after work several days this week. It is nice that the sun is setting later and later. Since the overnight temperatures are a little warmer this week, I decided Wednesday evening was time to plant out the seedlings that have been hardening off for several weeks now.

I found this 2-inch masonry trowel in a hardware store last week for about $3. It works perfectly for digging 2-inch holes to transplant soil blocks:

The rest of the spinach transplants were easily plopped into the holes made by the trowel:

And the lettuce:

Some bunching onion transplants were also placed into the garden:

The pea pods planted back on April 4th have sprouted:

The Red Barron Onion sets also planted on April 4th have sprouted too:

I now have one 4x4 square foot garden completely planted with spring crops:

The seedling tray was set in the empty spot in the SFG so it could spend the night under cover with the rest of the newly transplanted seedlings:

The seedling tray contains parsley, onions, and Swiss chard which will be planted in another square foot garden over the weekend. When planning the garden layout, I tried to keep all the spring and cold hardy crops in one or two SFGs so I only had to worry about covering one or two beds at night.


  1. Looking good! It's amazing how much you can fit in a square foot garden. I feel like I've been a bit too generous when it comes to my plant spacing....maybe I'll plant some more of my huge onion cache to fill in the gaps.

  2. Your SFG looks nice and neat, you fit a lot of veggies in there, I have to reread Mel's book again, I understand what he says, but I'm a good follower.

  3. Sorry, typo
    I meant "I'm NOT a good follower"

  4. Your greens look excellent!

  5. Good for you, Rachel! You sure have a nice little bed going there....

  6. That bed looks so beautiful! The patchwork of different plantings makes for a great visual display.

  7. Thomas: One of the reasons I like SFGing is planning is easy because you think of it one square at a time…4 lettuce plants per square, 9 spinach per square, etc. However, I am sure wider plant spacing could provide greater yield. See how your garden grows and you can adjust next time.

    Mac: I think the fact that everything looks orderly and the simplicity of SFGing is what appeals to me. I had great results last year and it encouraged me to expand the SFGs. I am not necessarily a follower, but I like to try methods that have been proven to work, learn them, then modify the method in the future to fit my needs.

    Dan: Thanks! The lettuce in the soil blocks were almost ready for harvest even before they were planted. The spinach is a mixture of overwintered spinach and new. So the old will be harvested soon making room for the new to spread out.

    KitsapFG: I love the contrast of color too. I can’t wait until the garden begins to fill in.

  8. Everything looks great so far! The Red Baron is beautiful. I'm missing fresh cut lettuces... I bought a mix of heat tolerant varieties I'm going to try in my salad table on the side of the house...

  9. Momma_S: I can't wait for the first salads. Good luck with your heat tolerant varieties.