Thursday, April 22, 2010

Raspberry Canes Planted

The Heritage Raspberries arrived last week and were finally planted into their permanent location in the reclaimed area at the edge of the lawn.

The raspberry canes were placed in water to soak while we prepared the planting area:

It was easy to till up the soil in the recently weeded area. We had to remove a few roots, but overall the soil was in pretty good condition.

Five holes were dug approximately 2-feet apart. I added some compost and all purpose fertilizer to the planting holes and mixed it in then planted the bare root raspberry canes. I built little motes around the planted canes to hold water so it will drain down to the roots instead of running off the slope.

I hope these guys sprout, grow and spread. Not much can be done with this area of the yard. It is on a slope and is usually covered in tall grass and weeds. It will be nice to have it producing food instead.


  1. You were smart to put them where you can get a mower down both sides of the row. That's the easiest way to keep the suckers from going crazy and making the bed too wide for picking. I love Heritage raspberries. I grew them here several years ago, but Mr. H decided they were too much work and took them out. Work? All he had to do was mow in front of them and help me pick once in a while. Anyway, when I put the new ones in last year the local nursery didn't have Heritage, so I ended up with a summer bearing one. I hope we like them.

  2. mmmmm....raspberries. I 'm drooling.

  3. Good luck with your raspberries...mine have yet to arrive. I will have to try your well technique.

  4. So Mr. H thinks they are work? Wow. I find that raspberries are so easy. I do have to pull them from the blueberry bed twice a year, but they are so easy to grow and give so much.

    I hope your raspberries grow well. I love heritage. It is the only type I grow now. I pulled out the other variety that I tried.

  5. Granny: We can mow down the front edge which will keep the raspberries from creeping into the grass. The backside is all weeds and uneven rocky ground. The raspberries can take over back there if they would like to. In fact, I hope they do.

    Ribbit: I KNOW right? I hope they grow because I can’t wait for that first ripe berry.

    Thomas: I hope that yours arrive soon. The wild raspberries and blackberries behind my shed are just beginning to bud up and leaf out. These new ones will have some catching up to do although I hope they focus on root development first.

    Daphne: One of the reasons I picked Heritage was because of reading your experience with them on your blog. Thank you for sharing your experience with them.

    Will you be transplanting some canes to you new home?