Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Planting in the Square Foot Garden

I’ve been hardening off some spinach off and on for the past three weeks. According to, next week we are supposed to have some good weather, so I decided today was the day to plant the spinach out in the SFG. The soil blocks were so easy to transplant:

The new spinach is in the bottom left square and three more plants along the left top square. The rest is what overwintered from last fall’s planting.

According to, tonight will be the coldest night of the week at about 34˚F/1˚C, so the plastic will be placed over the dome for some protection over night until the new spinach becomes established. It will be removed in the morning so the plants do not overhead during the day.

Screenshot from web site

While I was digging in this SFG, I decided to plant two squares of Red Barron Onion sets:

I was planning on placing the Copra onions grown from seed in this spot, but it is easy to swap squares around. The Copra onions will be planted in the SFG bed next to this one. I find I am continually updating my garden plan as I go as I don’t usually stick to the plan exactly.

I also seeded some snow peas along the trellis structures in two SFGs:

It’s a few weeks earlier than my schedule, Patriots' Day as the traditional planting date for planting peas in my area. But the weather is supposed to be rather mild over the next few weeks. So I am going to give it a go and see what happens. I soaked the seeds overnight and watered them in well since we are not expecting any rain until later in the week.

I began hardening off Simpson Elite and Marvielle of 4 Seasons Lettuce yesterday:

The Simpson Elite suffered a little sun burn, but the leaves have firmed up tremendously. The Marvielle of 4 Seasons seemed to take the sun exposure in stride. The red in the leaves seemed to deepen:

Soon we should be harvesting leaves for salads.

As you can see from the temperature screenshot above, today temperature was in the high 70's. We broke the high temperature record as normal temperatures are usually in the high 40s/low 50s. It was a busy weekend in the garden spot, and I am pleased by the amount of work that was accomplished.


  1. How exciting to be planting out the new crops! Glad the weather is being kind to you so you can get a jump start on the season.

  2. All right! I agree with you on switching things around as you go. It all sort of depends on what's ready to come out, and go in (and for the occasional spur of the moment purchases LOL).

    We were having wonderful weather, but March left us like a lion... I hope you don't have any unusual spring blips so you can get things a growin'!

  3. Woohoo! It's really starting now, isn't it.

  4. kitsapFG: It was exciting to plant out the spinach and onion sets. Hopefully the weather will follow what is predicted. Our nights are cool, but warm days will help accelerate growth.

    Momma_S: I guess for me the garden plan is a guideline. It tells me how many plants to plan on and the general area they are to be planted, but when it comes to planting time all bets are off.

    Right now I am only planting things in one 4x4 SFG, so it can easily be covered up with a heavy blanket if the weather turns extremely cold.

    Ribbit: It sure is starting! Very exciting time for gardeners,

  5. I don't know if I should love this weather or be really freaked out by it. It has been really beautiful recently. I guess anything but flooding at this point is a good thing.

  6. Looking good, GM ! And great work on those beds. The season is officially off !

    It's supposed to be overcast for most of the week here so I planted some lettuce out yesterday without hardening off. It should be safe from sun scald and I do cover it up at night so fingers crossed it does well.

  7. I'm really jealous of your lettuce. I still don't know what went wrong with my sowings. Starting lettuce has become my nemesis.

    I guess I should plant my onion sets now...I wasn't sure when I should do so.

  8. I love the way plants deal with extremes so gracefully sometimes. Nice lettuce.

  9. Daphne: I agree the weather is kind of freaky. Several big snow storms in a row, all that rain, now the warm temperatures? I hope things calm down to normalcy soon.

    Miss M: I’m sure that your lettuce will be fine. I forgot to place mine outside this morning before going to work. This will take forever to harden off at this rate. I may just plant them this week too if there is an overcast day.

    Thomas: Don’t feel bad. My first four sowings grew really well, but now I can’t seem to get more to germinate. I didn’t know when to plant onion sets either. I googled and found out that they can be planted as soon as the ground can be worked. I hope they’ll be ok.

    Stefaneener: I am amazed at how well plants adjust as well. I can’t wait to eat the lettuce.

  10. Wow, you are having nice weather! We're due some warmer temps over the next couple days (we had a dusting of snow again today). I've got to get outside and get some work done on the garden!!