Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All is Well in the Garden Spot - No Frost Damage

Luckily, there was no frost damage to the garden at all. Everything was safe and sound under the plastic domes.

This Square Foot Garden contains some spinach, onions, lettuce, garlic and peas along the trellis. The blank areas in the spinach section are where the overwintered spinach was growing. It was showing signs of bolting so was harvested on Monday:

The peas are beginning to attach themselves to the trellis:

The celery was planted in Self Watering Containers this past weekend during a very windy day. Upside down totes easily provided frost protection overnight last night.

A peek under a row cover found the broccoli also escaped any damage:

The garden will be covered again tonight as the temperatures will go down to freezing once again. Not as cold as last night, but we are not out of danger just yet.


  1. I'm glad to hear that you didn't get any frost damage. After the warmest March and April on record, those temps in the twenties were definitely a reminder that this is still Maine and that we shouldn't consider ourselves safe from frost until the end of May. Your veggies look yummy. -Jean

  2. Nerve-racking to say the least. I find anyway. Especially when crops are looking this good. Thank goodness everyone is well. Will definitely breathe easier once I'm out of the 'danger zone'.
    Your sfg is filling out beautifully !

  3. Fantastic! That broccoli can withstand frost no problem. I've had hard freezes down in the teens and the broccoli has scoffed.

  4. Good for you! I've never known anyone to grow celery in a swc before - it'll be interesting to see how they do.

  5. I'm glad your garden escaped Jack Frost. With all of the wonderful weather we've had this spring, that would have been such a bummer for us all.

  6. Broccoli laughs in the face of frost. I think it actually LIKES it. My broccoli and cabbage in my little greenhouse were down to 20 degrees or colder during the nights last January and never wilted.

  7. Jean: Was it really the warmest March and April on record? Wow! I didn’t realize that. Although tempting, I knew it was too soon to plant out summer crops. Summer crops won’t be planted out until Memorial Day no matter what. We had several frosts after I planted out last year as well.

    Miss M: Luckily I was prepared. All you can do is cover and hope for the best. Thankfully the plants are all fine.

    Ribbit: I thought broccoli would be ok. I didn’t even cover it. But it was still nice to see all was well when I peeked under the row cover.

    EG: Trust me, I attempted to find some research on celery in a SWC and haven’t been able to find anyone who has tried this. Earthbox says 8 plants can be planted in their containers. So I thought I’d give it a try.

    Thomas: I agree, the warm weather was a tease and now we seem to be back to normal temperatures complete with frosty nights. Hopefully all will level off soon.

    Jimmycrackedcorn: It’s my first time growing broccoli from seed, so I was a little concerned. But I see now that I shouldn’t have worried. I may try to grow broccoli under cover in the fall to see how long I can extend the season.

  8. Wonderful news that your garden fared okay! It's amazing what some protection will do when faced with a late frost or freeze.

  9. You have alot growing, looks good!

  10. Funny to think of frost this late. I'm glad you were able to protect everything.

  11. kitsapFG: Since there are only Spring crops planted out in the garden so far, I was pretty confident that they would be ok. But I still worried about them.

    Dan: Thanks!

    Stefaneener: Funny for you to think of frost happening this late :) My last frost date is around May 20th. Last year we had several frosts in June.