Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden Spot Photo Updates

The weather has been absolutely wonderful the past few days and the rest of the week is looking good as well:

The tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, melons, cucumber, and basil are outside hardening off now and it looks like later in the week will be perfect weather to plant them out. Here is a picture of the cucumbers, basil and Charantais Melons under the shade of a tree. The Charantais are less advanced in growth than the Fast Break Melons and Sugar Baby Watermelons. I do hope they catch up a bit:

Some gardening chores were completed early this morning. It is supposed to reach 90 degrees later today and I don't like working in the heat. Pole Beans were seeded, garden paths were weed whacked, some potatoes hilled, and the beds were given a good watering.

Here are a few updated pictures from around the garden spot:

Broccoli seems to be growing well in the Self Watering Container under the row cover:

The celery also seems to be doing well in the Self Watering Containers:

Garlic bed:

Lettuce in the SFG. I am enjoying daily salads:

The spinach is beginning to bolt, so I am harvesting as much as I can for salads and pulling the plants as they bolt. Basil will be planted in its place.

The onions are doing much better since I mulched them with dried lawn clippings to help retain moisture in the soil:

When I planted pea pods along these trellises, I thought they would be finished before the tomatoes were planted. I'm not sure what I was thinking. They are growing well, but haven't bloomed yet. I may have to pull them before they have time to produce anything or try to plant the tomatoes in front of them:

I don't think my carrots germinated well. Although it is hard for me to tell because they are still so tiny. This is one of the largest so far and the only one with true leaves:

This is my first time growing Swiss Chard and it seems to be putting on some good growth now:

The potatoes are growing like crazy and I am hilling them a little bit every day depending on their individual growth. I don't like how messy looking the potato patch is though:

Blueberries are in full bloom:

One good thing about all the rain we had last year seems to be the increase of raspberry and blackberry canes in the patch behind the shed. Many are beginning to bloom so hopefully we will have some berries this year. I don't know if this is a raspberry or blackberry bloom:

I am hoping to finish building new Self Watering Containers for the tomato plants today. This will be completed in the basement where it is nice and cool. Tonight, K returns from his movie shoot.  Then we can enjoy the rest of the week together until I have to return to work next Tuesday. Boy, I have missed him.


  1. Rachel - those celery and broccoli are looking wonderful....

  2. One question, two comments:

    Question: What is the purpose of the upside down 2 liter bottles with bottoms cut off. They are in the lettuce bed. . . slugs maybe?

    Comment 1: My carrots are growing excruciatingly slowly! I only have a few from my first planting (most got eaten by the baby hedgehogs), and very few seeds germinated from my second sowing.

    Commnet 2: Wow! Impressive spread!

  3. EG: Thanks! I think the SWCs are going to work well for these two crops.

    Seriously?: Welcome!! The 2-liter bottles are used for watering with watering spikes. I blogged about them last year in this post:
    "Water Spikes! I didn’t even know these existed."

    Historically, I don' t have much luck with germinating carrots. I will reseed and see what happens.

  4. I usually pull my peas sometime in July. I've found for our seasons that spring crops can be followed by fall crops. A summer crop just wouldn't have time to produce after the spring crops get pulled. Well maybe zucchini or cukes might have time.

    Your veggies are looking great. I wish my broccoli was doing as well.

  5. Daphne: Ah, thanks. I goofed on that one. I hate to do it, but the pea pods are going to have to go.