Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, It has Been HOT the Last Few Days!

I guess I picked a great vacation week.

80s-90s in May in Maine is quite uncommon. Mid-60s is normal for us this time of year. The past 3-days it was hot! Today temperatures reached 90 and I found it almost impossible to work outside in the garden. We were sweltering and had to put in a few window air conditioners in for general comfort. By 7 pm Wednesday evening, everything changed. The wind shifted, the sky became slightly overcast, and the temperatures dropped down to mid-50s as the sun went down.

Tomorrow is predicted to be much more comfortable and I am looking forward to planting out my tomato, pepper, melon, cucumber, basil, and eggplant seedlings over the next couple of days. The seedlings have been hardening off the last week or so, I think they are ready to be on their own in the garden.


  1. Goodness that was warm indeed! We have been experiencing abnormally cold weather this week. Lots of rain, gloomy overcast, and cool. Probably would feel good to you after the 90 degree temps - but I am sick to death tired of it and am ready for a little taste of summer.

  2. Yesterday was just downright unpleasant! I did not get any gardening work done at Henbogle other than water seedlings :-( So much to do! I need to fertilize and spread IRT mulch over the squash and melon beds... YUM!

  3. KitsapFG: We are just not used to it here. It was good for the beaches and tourists areas though. Many opened up a week early because of the warm weather. Nice start to this summer for them.

    Ali: It was awful! I kept trying to go outside to get some work done and had to give up and go back inside.

  4. Thank god the heat wave has passed. The tomatoes loved it but the favas were miserable!

  5. We had the same kind of temperature craziness in March and April. Most of the veggies loved it, but the spinach got confused and started trying to bolt May 1st. My friend told me that is about 4-6 weeks early! (East TN, Zone 7a)

  6. Thomas: Wasn't that weird to have such warm weather? Thankfully I was able to work outside comfortably from Thurs on. I had a lot to do.

    Seriously?: My spinach bolted this week because of the warm temperatures. Everything seems to be a few weeks earlier than normal this year. Last year we had colder than normal temperatures and a lot of rain.