Friday, May 21, 2010

Taking Inventory and Adjusting the Garden Plan

The morning began quietly with just the sounds of the birds. While waiting for the sun rise and dry the morning dew, I worked with the seedlings.

The tomatoes were brought outside to great the sun when it emerged from behind trees. I began hardening the tomatoes off last weekend and now they are ready for a full day of sun. I will monitor them during the day to be sure they are well watered and are not suffering from too much sunshine, heat or wind.

The tomatoes have doubled in size since they began spending their time in the sun during the day. It is amazing to me to see how fast they are growing.

The peppers and eggplant will also spend a few morning hours in a shady spot outside today for the first time:

In the two photos below are Anaheim, California Bell, and Cayenne:

Missing from the pepper group are the Jalapeno peppers. These were extremely slow to germinate. I potted them up this morning and they are still under the lights for a few more days. There are still several weeks before their planting time, so hopefully they will be ok by then.

It is my first time growing Japanese Eggplant and I was surprised to see thorns on the stems and leaves:

It was a good opportunity to count up the plants and jot down their numbers so I can adjust my garden plan based on the transplants available. 


  1. All of your transplants looks so incredibly healthy. Nicely done! Do you feed them in any special way?

  2. Looking good! Thosr are some crazy looking thorns on the eggplant. I've never seen that before (I've yet to grow them though).

  3. Looks like the Solanum Integrifolium, an ornamental eggplant I grew last year. Not saying yours is the ornamental type just that the leaves look the same. Everything is looking just wonderful in your garden.

  4. I remember the thorns last year. At least they aren't really bad thorns like roses are. Your transplants look so much nicer than mine this year. Last year my transplants did better.

  5. everything looks absolutely great!! happy and healthy plants.

  6. Wow, your peppers and toms look excellent ! I started my toms late this year. To make matters worse, growth is slow compared to last year. It's not looking too promising for my tomato crop.

    Those eggplant thorns are cool. :)

  7. I've totally had those thorns, too. Odd they are, aren't they.

    Your transplants look healthier than any I've ever seen.

  8. They look as though you're feeding them something terrific. Lovely, lovely peppers and eggplants I've never seen the like of.

  9. What great plant starts! When is your last frost day?

    Here in northern Wyoming Memorial Day weekend is usually big time planting time!

  10. Thomas: I haven’t used much fertilizer. I used a very small amount of Epsoma Plant Tone mixed in the soil block mix. Then potted up with a potting mix with fertilizer. I should have potted the tomatoes up about a week sooner than I was able to. Some looked quite sickly at first, but they seemed to have recovered.

    Momma_S: Thanks! I grew Ichiban eggplant last year and it didn’t have the thorns.

    Liisa: The seed packet is not very specific, calling this eggplant is solanum melongena (Japanese Eggplant). It has a short maturity date of only 65 days.

    Daphne: I think the thorns are pretty. The Ichiban eggplant I grew last year didn’t have them. Thanks for the compliment on the transplants. I babied them a lot since it was my first year growing from seed.

    Allison (a tasteful garden): Thanks!

    Miss M: I have found that Tomatoes are the most forgiving crop. Unless they become diseased, they always seem to recover from any missteps or mistaken abuses I inflict upon them. I bet your tomatoes will catch up and do fine.

    Ribbit: The thorns ARE odd. I don’t know much about eggplant and didn’t know they grew thorns. Thanks for the compliment on the transplants!

    Stefaneener: Thanks! I haven't really used much fertilizer.

    Toni: Memorial Day is used as a safe planting time guideline here too. May 20th is the last frost date that I’ve been using in my planning. I hope to have everything planted the week of Memorial Day. I’ve giving the peppers and melons some extra time before facing the elements.