Monday, June 28, 2010

Harvest Monday: June 28, 2010

Each Monday, Daphne’s Dandelions hosts “Harvest Monday” where everyone can share links to their harvest for the week. It’s fun to see what everyone is harvesting from his or her gardens in different areas.

A small amount of broccoli was harvested, then the rest of the plants composted. The plants were not going to produce much more than the small heads and side shoots seen below. The temperatures have been too warm. I will try growing broccoli again in the fall. The two largest heads were only about 3-inches across. Enough to add to a few salads:

By the end of the week, the Carouby de Maussane Snow Pea Pods were giving us a nice amount of pods that were used in stir-fry, salads, and fresh eating. Hopefully this week they will speed up as the trellis they are on is needed by the tomato plants growing next to them:

Celery, Scallion, Swiss Chard, and Dill were harvested to add to a macaroni salad:

The remaining Spinach (not pictured) and Lettuce were showing signs of bolting earlier this week, so they were all harvested, washed, and packaged up to store in the fridge. The lettuce alone filled three 6-quart storage containers:

We will be eating a lot of salads this week. There is a little more lettuce growing in another part of the garden and I have more lettuce transplants to be planted to keep the salads going. Hopefully at least until the cucumbers are ready and some tomatoes are ripe.

Be sure to visit Daphne’s Dandelions to see what others are harvesting this week.


  1. It might of been a small harvest - but the broccoli looks really delicious! I am just now getting heads forming on mine. Everything is running so late this season.

  2. It was not a good spring for broccoli. It's a good thing that we have a second chance :)

    Your lettuce looks great. My spring lettuce in done :(

  3. Small or not, I'd love to have some broccoli ! Grrr, mine just refuses to produce any heads. I got nothing but tall stalks.
    Your lettuce is beautiful ! Happy salad week ! :D

  4. have a fresh salad from the garden right now...I sure do envy you.

  5. What a nice looking harvest! We have had broccoli out the 'wazoo!' but some of it keeps bolting and flowering before we can even get to it with this crazy weather!

  6. Too bad the broccoli didn't do well in the heat. It does better in fall here, though we've gotten quite a bit from ours because I managed to get it in early. And the lettuce looks lovely!

  7. It's too hot here too, and all of our brocolli plants aren't doing well at all! We'll try to replant in the fall also!

  8. mmmm broccoli. There's no comparison to store bought broccoli, is there.

  9. It sure is the salad days of summer. I've been swarted by weather before with broccoli and tend to start it really early (with tomatoes) to put out when it's still snowing under cloche. It's not supposed to work but does for me. Oh how I wish to have some snow peas. Next year!

  10. KitsapFG: K doesn’t like broccoli, so this small harvest was all mine. It was pretty good.

    Robin: I am hoping that a fall crop of broccoli will grow better. The spring crop had earwigs and slugs even under the row cover. My spring lettuce is just about finished as well. Just one square of mixed lettuce to go.

    Miss M: My broccoli formed heads, then one bolted quickly within a day. I figured I better harvest the rest if I wanted to enjoy any of it.

    EG: I am eating salads every day hoping to use up all this lettuce. It will be nice to take a little break after this.

    Allison: It was a small harvest window for broccoli this year. But the other crops love the warm weather, so I am not complaining.

    Villager: This is the first time I have tried to grow broccoli. I’ll try again in the fall. The lettuce has fed us very well.

    Meemsnyc: We sure have had some warm weather here on the East Coast this spring. Hopefully fall will be a better broccoli crop for both of us.

  11. Ribbit: The broccoli had way more flavor than store bought. I was quite surprised.

    Ottawa Gardener: Broccoli probably could be planted earlier in the spring for me as well. It didn’t even blink at the frosts we had earlier in the season. I may have to experiment again next year.

  12. I can't believe you still had spinach left in the garden. All my lettuce is bolting now so I don't even have anymore of that. I'm just eating what I picked last week.

  13. Wow, so much lettuce! All my leaf lettuce pretty much stopped growing when it started getting hot a month or so ago. That and the bunnies helped themselves to what little was edible. I like the pop of color from your red onion!

  14. It is certainly the perfect time of year to be enjoying nice cool refreshing salads. I have one head left in the fridge and weeks before the next crop is large enough. Your broccoli looks wonderful, even if it didn't produce enough. And the snow peas look so good, I didn't get enough this year.

  15. Swiss Chard in macaroni salad? I'll have to try that next time! Looks like you had a nice harvest this week. See you next week.

  16. Daphne: The Spinach was from the last five transplants that were added to the garden as a second planting in same spots where the overwintered spinach was before it bolted. The newer transplants gave us a couple weeks of harvest before bolting themselves. I have one more square of mixed lettuce that hasn’t bolted yet, but it probably will by the time we get through the amount of lettuce from this harvest stored in the fridge.

    Thyme2Garden: I was watching the lettuce carefully as I knew with this warm weather it wouldn’t last much longer. I caught it just in time.

    Michelle: I love that I am now able to add different things to the salads. Spring greens are very tasty after a long winter, but I enjoy the variety of veggies in a salad as the season progresses.

    Dirt Lover: I am an opportunist and tend to use what I have in creative ways. I chop the Swiss Chard stems as I chop celery and add it to macaroni salad. Seems to add a nice crunch and a bit of color.