Friday, June 11, 2010

Signs of Cutworms

Earlier in the week as I was checking the garden I caught a scent of onion coming from one of the Square Foot Gardens. Upon closer inspection, I saw one of my onions had been severed close to the base:

Then I spotted the Jalapeno Pepper located in the next square over decapitated as well:

Classic signs of cutworm. Luckily, I have some extra Jalapeno seedlings that will take its place, but before replanting, I attempted to find the little culprit:

I dug through the square looking for the little grey worm, but failed to find it. Not taking any chances, I utilized a tip that Daphne of Daphne’s Dandelions mentioned recently of using last years hosta stems to prevent the cut worm from surrounding the stems:

I added hosta stems to all the peppers in this bed. Thanks for the tip, Daphne! 


  1. Cutworms sure can do some damage. I'm sorry for your problem with them...

  2. Grumbles from this bleacher seat... They sure are terrorizing little things, and I hope they don't do any more damage.

  3. Sorry to hear about your problem with the cutworms. I hope that your problems are over.

  4. Oh, no! How terrible. Find those boogers and ship them to EG. He'll make some horrid gore infused film as he dispatches them.

  5. another tip for cutworms is to use leftover toilet paper tubes, cut so they open, cut in half (makes 2 tubes) and place around the stems... it works great... that with a liberal dosing of oyster shell and it should keep them at bay...

  6. I hate cutworms, but I bet my chickens would like me to find a few and toss them their direction! I used to get them just awful when I was gardening in central Washington but since moving to the coastal Western Washington area I have yet to have them bother my garden (knock on wood!).

  7. EG: It’s not uncommon for me to lose one or two plants to cut worms. Luckily it’s not a huge problem.

    Momma_S: They are plenty of weeds and other things they could be focusing on, leave my vegetables alone! LOL!

    Robin: Thanks! So far, no further cutworm damage. I was lucky it took out a plant that I just happened to have a replacement for.

    Ribbit: LOL! I can just imagine what EG would do with these pests.

    Roasted Garlicious: Those are a great tips, thanks!

    Dan: Yes, I agree!!

    kitsapFG: I don’t have too many problems with cutworms, but I did see a few when I was getting the garden prepared for planting. So I should have been more prepared.

  8. They are the worst! I hope Daphne's trick works!