Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vegetables Planted in the Square Foot Gardens

Thankfully the heat wave we were experiencing ended on Thursday. By Thursday evening, the temperature dropped by almost 20-degrees and the rest of the seedlings were planted in the garden spot. I have a traditional in-ground garden, six 4x4 square foot gardens, and ten self watering containers (DIY Earthbox planters). There are also a few containers scattered throughout the garden spot.

Below is an overview of what types of vegetables are planted in the six Square Foot Gardens.

Square Foot Garden A:

Back row there are some Pea Pods growing along the trellis and three San Marzano Tomatoes planted in front of them. I am hoping the pea pods produce soon, but I fear I will have to clip them before they do if the tomatoes begin growing. Next row has two squares of Lettuce Mix, then two squares of Swiss Chard. The two front rows have Jalapeno Peppers and Copra Onions.

Square Foot Garden B:

Back row same as A, some Pea Pods growing along the trellis and three San Marzano Tomatoes in front of them. Next row from left to right are Simpson Elite Lettuce, Marvielle of the 4 Seasons Lettuce, Burpee Bib Butterhead Lettuce, and Purple Glazer Garlic. Two front rows have White Lisbon Scallions, Red Barron Onions, a few Spinach plants and Bell Peppers.

Square Foot Garden C:

Purple Glazer Garlic and Romanian Red Garlic. Scapes are already forming on most of the garlic. Last year I didn’t have scapes until mid-July:

Square Foot Garden D:

Back row, three San Marzano Tomatoes along the trellis. Next row is Little Finger Carrots that were planted using seed mats. I had spotty germination on these. I suspect it is my fault because I didn't keep up with watering as I should have. I reseeded some holes this weekend and will be sure to water them well. The two front rows have Bell Peppers and Anaheim Peppers.

Square Foot Garden E:

Back row, three San Marzano Tomatoes along the trellis. Next row, Nantes Carrots which also had spotty germination and holes were reseeded weekend. Next row, three Cayenne Peppers and one Japanese Eggplant. Front row, four Japanese Eggplants.

Square Foot Garden D:

Back row along the trellis, Pickling and Sumter Cucumbers. Next row, Basil, Flat Leaf Parsley, and Dill. Two front rows have Bell Peppers, Patterson Onions, Curley Parsley, and Thyme.

Some much needed rain is expected tonight and tomorrow. I am trying to conserve moisture by mulching the square foot gardens with pine straw and dried grass clippings. It seems to be helping so far.

My time off from work has come to an end and it is back to work today. It was a great vacation....the weather was beautiful and I was able to garden every day so a lot was accomplished in the garden spot.


  1. I hear ya on the mulch - especially with the temps that has plagued your area as of late. Did I count 12 San Marzano tomato plants? Holy moly! You must be aiming to make alot of sauce...

  2. Keeping things moist around here can be a challenge, too, but I can't wait for rain. After the spring rains stop, it's all me. Your SFGs look very nice, actually, especially the peppers.

  3. EG: I need lots and lots of tomatoes for preserved sauce and salsa. I think I have 12 San Marzano and 10 Roma tomato plants for sauce/salsa making. I also have 8 Early Girl and 4 others.

    Stefaneener: We had some unusually warm and dry weather over the past few weeks. I had to do a lot of watering during this time especially the newly planted seedlings. Luckily rain is expected today.

  4. Everything looks so well organized and well laid out. I wish my peppers were as far along as yours appear to be. We have had nothing but cold and wet weather and my heat lovers (peppers and corn particularly) are pouting.

  5. kitsapFG: The peppers grew really fast once I potted them up and began hardening them off. The warm weather really helped. Last year my peppers sulked and lost most of their leaves with the cold and rainy weather we had. Hopefully your weather will improve soon.