Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What’s Growing in the Garden Spot?

The weather has been wonderful for the gardens lately. There has been a perfect blend of rain, sun and warm weather. So far, this growing season is shaping up to be much better than last year. June has seemed more July like as far as temperatures.

As a result, the garden has been putting on some impressive growth. Below is an overview:

It’s unfortunate that the spring pea pods are just beginning to flower and form pods. Unfortunate because the weather has been quite warm for June and the peas do not like it very much. I am picking a few pods here and there to munch on while I am in the garden, but haven’t had a substantial harvest yet:

The lettuce too began to show signs of bolting last weekend as temperatures have hovered in the 80s for quite a while. I harvested all I could and composted what wasn’t edible. I hope it will last a while in the fridge:

The pole beans are increasing in height. Kentucky Wonder is on the right and Purple Trionfo Violetto on the left:

Surprisingly the Trionfo Violetto was the first to wind itself on the trellis even though the Kentucky Wonder emerged from seed almost a week before it:

The potatoes seem to be doing well. The Kennebec are showing the first signs of blossoms which surprised me because Dark Red Norland are mid-season and the Kennebec late season potatoes:

The tomatoes are loving the heat and are putting on some remarkable development. Here are some of the Early Girl Tomatoes:

The Roma Tomatoes in the SWCs are also beginning to develop fruit:

The San Marazano Tomatoes in the SFGs are making headway (with a little help) up the nylon trellis:

I took these photos several days ago and can’t believe the difference when comparing them to today. We are expecting some rain over the next few days, then warm weather for the weekend. The garden will explode with growth with this treatment.


  1. Your garden is really growing nicely! It seems like all of us on the east coast are having hot weather. It's so hot and humid here that I hate to go outside for long periods of time. I wonder if the hot weather will shorten the season? Everything is about a month ahead of time.

    What variety of peas did you plant? The blossoms are beautiful!

  2. That is a really stunning pea bloom! Enchanting color.

    The garden is definitely loving your weather this year. Could you send a little of that over my way please?!

  3. Looking good! I'm having the same experience with my Norland and Kennebec potatoes. Now the Norlands are beginning to die back, but there aren't many potatoes under them, and they never did blossom.

  4. Looking good! Gosh, I wish potatoes would work for me, but they just won't...

  5. I love the pea flower. All mine are just white this year and I miss the pretty colors.

  6. I love your garden! I don't think I've ever seen a wide shot of it before. Everything looks awesome. You're right about the weather this year. The tomatoes especially are loving it. Mine are already starting to reach the top of their trellis. Makes me almost not mind missing out on last year's summer growing season.

  7. Wow, your garden looks amazing!! The potatos look fantastic, and so do the tomatos. They are really coming along!

  8. Robin: I am with you...I can't work long outside when it is hot and humid. Last weekend I tried to get gardening chores completed early in the morning before it got too hot. The snow peas are Carouby de Maussane. The flowers are pretty, but I am not thrilled with the flavor. It may be because of the heat. I’ll need to give these a try again in the fall.

    kitsapFG: The pea blooms are very pretty, the color of the bloom varies from purple to blue. I wish I could share some of this great weather.

    Granny: That is interesting that you are experiencing the same thing with your Norlands and Kennebec potatoes. I see some small blossoms forming on the Norlands as well. We will see what happens.

    EG: This is my first time with potatoes so we will see if they work for me. So far, so good I think.

    Daphne: Usually the pea pods I grow are white too. I was surprised by the pretty purple color from this variety, Carouby de Maussane.

    Thomas: No, you didn’t miss out on much last year. Last year was the worst gardening year I have ever experienced between the cool, wet weather and Late Blight. Your fall garden was hugely successful in comparison.

    Meemsnyc: Thanks! It always fascinates me to watch the garden grow.

  9. Have to agree, things have been growing at a great (almost alarming) rate ! The weather's been perfect.

    Everything looks so great, where do I start ? I'm a sucker for pea blossoms and that one is spectacular. My peas were late to bloom too. I'm not expecting much of a harvest at this point. The potato patch is looking great ! Same here with the beans - the poles are way ahead of the bushes. Your toms are 3 times the size of mine ! Not surprising, mind you, since I started mine late this year. I'm not too worried though. They're putting on inches every day.

    Looking fab, GM !