Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Mid-Morning Surprise

On Friday after the basil harvest, I was on my computer catching up on blogs while sipping coffee. A movement caught my eye through the window and as I looked up I saw a deer darting across the yard. I grabbed my camera and took a few shots through the window:

I know we have deer around. We see hoof prints in the driveway and surprise them sometimes at night as they are eating the apples that fall from our trees. Once in a while, I will have some garden damage. Luckily, there are other things around the yard and in the surrounding woods that interest them more than my garden.

During the day, the noise from the house and our lab, Bradie patrolling the yard usually keeps them away. On Friday we were all inside in our air-conditioned house as the temperatures and humidity rose outside.

There are bushes on that side of the yard with little red berries and that was this deer’s goal. I quietly slipped out of the house to try to take a few more pictures.

She sensed my presence immediately:

As I snapped a few pictures, she calmly walked towards the edge of our yard, effortlessly jumped the wire fence that surrounds it, and disappeared into the woods:


  1. Aren't they just beautiful to watch? I saw one out my window yesterday, and couldn't do anything but just stare at it.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful deer. We don't have deer in our area, it's too urban. It's lovely to see such a magnificent animal in the yard, but not lovely when they eat the garden goodies.

  3. I love seeing the deer -- as long as they're not eating my garden. Like you, I find that the surrounding woods mostly provide them with enough sustenance that the garden isn't such a temptation. (The exception is my variegated euonymus, which they eat each spring when they are hungry and their options are limited. This plant is still exactly the same size it was when I planted it 7 years ago!). -Jean

  4. OOh...her spidey sense was tingling. She's just beautiful. They scare me so much as they revel in jumping out in front of cars around here, but I'm so grateful that she doesn't seem interested in your garden over much.

  5. We've got a lot of deer here too!

    Great pictures! Glad she didn't get into your garden!