Friday, July 9, 2010

Quiet Morning Harvesting Basil

I went out to the garden early this morning to harvest some basil. The sun was still behind the trees and hadn’t reached the garden yet. It was a cool and comfortable morning around 70 degrees with a nice, light breeze. The grass was still wet with dew.

I clipped the basil stalks, gathered them up, and settled myself on the garden bench to trim the leaves.

It was so peaceful. The neighborhood was quiet and I took great pleasure in sounds of nature and the aroma of basil around me. I ended up with a good-sized basket of basil. 

Once washed and trimmed it weighed 4.5 oz. The majority will be used in a batch of pesto. The rest may be either dried and jarred, or chopped and frozen into small portions that can be added to recipes in the future.


  1. Wow! That's a lot of basil. I don't know if I've ever had anything with pesto...It may be worth trying.

  2. That kind of activity always makes me feel like I'm spending time with my grandmother. Rhythmic and seasonal, like shelling peas. Lovely time of the morning.

  3. Ribbit: It seemed like a lot of basil, but once blended into pesto there was only enough for 4 batches. One was used over the weekend, the rest was frozen for later use.

    Pesto is great! You can add it to pasta, baked potato, smear some on some nice crusty bread, add some sliced tomatoes and broil a bit in oven...oh I could go on :)

    Stefaneener: I think I enjoyed being outside after so long inside air conditioning.