Monday, August 9, 2010

Harvest Monday: August 9, 2010

Each Monday, Daphne’s Dandelions hosts “Harvest Monday” where everyone can share links to their harvest for the week. It’s fun to see what everyone is harvesting from his or her gardens in different areas.

The most exciting harvest this week are the tomatoes. After losing all my tomato plants to late blight last year, I may have overcompensated a bit this year in the amount of plants in the garden. Personally, I don’t like tomatoes and usually plant mostly paste varieties for making sauce and salsa. Roma and San-Marzano paste tomatoes are the varieties I am growing this year:

K loves fresh tomatoes and I wanted to plant a couple eating tomatoes for him. I had both Early Girl and Bush Boy seeds on hand. More seeds germinated than I planned and I found room in the garden for all the healthy seedlings. Seriously, is it possible to have too many tomatoes?

I made a batch of salsa with Cilantro, Onions, Peppers, and Tomatoes from the garden. I had to purchase a few Jalapeno and Bell Peppers as mine are just beginning to fruit. The picture below shows some tomatoes and the first Cayenne, Anaheim and Bell Pepper harvest of the year:

The windowsill is in constant rotation. The ripe tomatoes are washed and frozen as the new harvest is added to the windowsill:

Two gallon sized freezer bags have been filled and frozen for later processing into sauce:

Other harvest this week included more Fastbreak Melons:

Dark Red Norland Potatoes (3.375 pounds) and another Fastbreak Melon:

Some small carrots and some onions:

Three bunches of celery were harvested, sliced, and frozen for later use in soups and stuffings:

There are still a lot of cucumbers coming off the vines. I have made a couple batches of pickles and will use some for a batch of sweet relish. The rest will be given away:

This is the best year we have ever had for Blueberries. Every day we pick a bowl full and have frozen some for use future baked goods:

 This weekend, the cured garlic was also trimmed and cleaned up:

The bulbs on the left are Romanian Red which will make a return appearance in the Garden Spot. On the right are Purple Glazer. The bulbs are small and fragile. I want to try another variety.

Just a reminder, if you are planning on growing garlic, now is the time to get your order in. I purchased my garlic seed bulbs from last year. I noticed this year they are already sold out of many varieties.

Be sure to visit Daphne’s Dandelions to see what others are harvesting this week.


  1. Your melons look wonderful! I have 8 nice size ones out there. I just wish that they would get ripe. They better hurry up...the plants are starting to die!

  2. What a great harvest week you had! The variety and quantity is really impressive. And the answer to the question is ... you can only have too many tomato plants if they all actually produce and do so for more than just one or two weeks. When one is planting up you never know what is in the cards as far as weather and disease is concerned so I know I personally tend to plant a few different varieties and enough of them that if that is the only one that produces I will have a reasonable tomato harvest. Kind of an insurance policy that in a good year leaves you overwhelmed with tomatoes and in a bad year gives you at least a little something. Last year we had late blight to deal with - this year I am dealing with really cool summer conditions which is leaving the plants reasonably healthy enough - but not ripening up fruit. (sigh)

  3. I just love that photo of the tomatoes on the windowsill. Holy Moly...that's alot of melons for the week!

  4. Beautiful harvest and I also like the window sill photo.

  5. Look at all those melons! Good thinking on the garlic, some varieties will sell out early. This year I ordered mine in winter so I wouldn't forget in the midst of all this harvesting and preserving.

  6. The garlic looks great! I hope to try some this year. I was hoping a couple of the nurseries or seed companies around here would have some, hope I am not too late! I'll have to start looking. Looks like you have found a good producing melon!

  7. Those melons look so good!

  8. Love the windowsill tomatoes, all the garlic, and of course, all those melons! What an awesome harvest!

  9. What a harvest! I'm envying you fastbreak melons. Hopefully we'll get to see what they look like on the inside. How is the taste?

    Your celery looks great too. I was going to grow some chinese celery this fall but think at this point, I have enough to last the winter.

  10. It's all so very very beautiful.

  11. I wish I had some blueberries right now!
    Great harvest, I envy you on melons especially!

  12. Don't you wish you could preserve your melons like you do the rest of your produce? They are such a fleeting crop.