Monday, September 6, 2010

Harvest Monday: September 6, 2010

Each Monday, Daphne’s Dandelions hosts “Harvest Monday” where everyone can share links to their harvest for the week. It’s fun to see what everyone is harvesting from his or her gardens in different areas. Here is an overview of what was harvested in the garden spot this week:

Be sure to visit Daphne’s Dandelions to see what others are harvesting this week.


  1. Wow, three watermelons! Everything looks wonderful.

  2. Hello potatoes! Congrats on another great week's worth of harvests from your Maine garden. Everything looks so healthy and bountiful, I would never guess that the fall is near from your harvest photos!

  3. That is such a great harvest and so prettily displayed and photographed! The potatoes are particularly nice looking as are those thin long egg plants.

  4. Your harvests look wonderful and your photographs magazine perfect!

  5. What a nice variety of veggies you're harvesting now. It all looks so good!

  6. Catching up on this and previous posts what a bounty you've had this season ! I think I'll to dub you the melon queen. How do you do it ? I've had no luck again this year. Trionfo have produced very well for me too. Aren't they great ? Incredible crop of tomatoes this season. Potatoes too !

    Hats off !

  7. Wow! Everything looks so nice! Those Eggplant almost looked like Beans at first glance, but I bet they aren't that small! Ha! Oh I can't wait to try potatoes! Your first try looks so good!

  8. Lovely photos of those harvest veggies!And a nice variety of things too.

  9. What a beautiful harvest!! I'm moving to Maine. ;) Your vegetables are absolutely gorgeous. You must be so proud.

  10. I'm wishing I had some potatoes this year. Yours look wonderful.

  11. Wow, this is quite a harvest! What do you do with all of the eggplant that you've been harvesting? I need some ideas!

  12. Thanks for all your comments! This is probably going to be the last big harvest as the weather has returned to more normal temperatures for this time of the year.

    Emily: These were the last three watermelons left in the melon patch. One was perfectly ripe, one was mostly ripe, and the other is in the fridge.

    Thyme2garden: Trust me, it didn’t FEEL like fall last week with 90 degree temperatures and uncomfortable humidity. But I think it gave the garden an extra push so it produced a lot.

    KitsapFG: I am so pleased with the potatoes and the Japanese eggplant have been interesting.

    Ribbit: One last hurrah from the garden spot before beginning to wind down.

    Michelle: Thank you!

    Miss M: I had some good luck this year with the melons. Early maturing varieties, black plastic mulch to help draw heat, plenty of space to sprawl out, and frequent watering when growing. I actually plan on reducing the melons next year. Each variety was ready all at once and it was difficult eat them all.

    Shawn Ann: LOL! The picture is deceiving; the eggplants are about 6-8 inches long.

    Villager: Thanks!

    Diana (Di): Thank you! This year was the best growing season that I can remember.

    Daphne: I can’t believe I never tried growing potatoes before.

    Thomas: So far there hasn’t been much eggplant ready at once. The eggplants are quite small 6-8 inches long. So it takes a lot for a meal. I did use some for eggplant parmesean, but this last batch was grilled and served as a side dish.

    Dan: Thanks!