Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is it Fall Yet?

I know the calendar says fall is here, but the weather didn’t feel fall-like until today. This past week we had temperatures in the 80s and yesterday the humidity was quite high making it uncomfortable to work outside.

What a difference a day makes. Today is in the 50s requiring a sweatshirt to stay warm. I took advantage of the comfortable weather to clean up the garden. Most of the tomatoes and all the cucumber plants were pulled.

Below is a picture from mid-July of the Roma tomatoes in the self watering containers and a row of four Early Girl tomatoes planted behind these in the traditional garden. They were so healthy then:

The plants were dying and had pretty much finished producing. It was time to put them out of their misery:

A few partially ripe tomatoes were salvaged. These will finish ripening inside on the windowsill:

The San Marazano tomatoes in the square foot gardens are still looking pretty healthy and a full of partially ripe and green tomatoes, so I they are staying for now:

I think by next weekend, I will have enough ripe tomatoes for one more batch of sauce.

This guy startled me as I was cutting through the tomato foliage. I’ve seen plenty of toads, but this is the first pickerel frog that I have seen in the garden this year:


  1. Beautiful picture of the little froggie! I must say, I'm partial to it.

    Those tomatoes still on the vine look fantastic! It's nice to see fall weather coming, isn't it.

  2. i did the same thing today! i yanked up the tomato plants, one patch of cukes, the watermelons, and some squash. the garden looks huge now. thankfully, the kale, arugula, chard, and carrots are just coming into full tilt, so hopefully there is still a bunch more gardening to do.

    happy autumn :)

  3. That frog is so cute! He looks pretty good size, but pics can be deceiving. Is he a good size frog? I have had two in the garden this year, one of them has consistently been in the pepper bed all summer, but neither of them were much bigger than the squash bugs I wish they could eat! Maybe if they stay, they will be big enough next year!

  4. The fall cleanup is my least favorite part of gardening, and I still have quite a bit to do yet. Jude finds frogs all the time, and pesters them to no end. Hehe...

  5. That is the cutest frog! I had a big fat toad in my big garden before we moved to town. I sure miss him.

    Yes, fall is upon us. Our weather is just the opposite of yours, we got the cold last week, and back to the hot this week.

  6. Ribbit: I wonder how long the frog has been around. I took away his hiding place, so I hope he has a safe journey back to the creek. I love fall and hope to enjoy some fall-like weather before winter comes.

    Allison: Sunday really felt like a good day to work outside. I was a little sad at how empty the garden looked.

    Shawn Ann: The frog is about 3- to 4-inches long. I had one make the garden home last year, but it is the first time I have seen this one. Of course, he could have been hidden in the dense foliage all along. There was certainly enough bugs to support an army of frogs and toads this year.

    EG: I dislike fall cleanup too, but it feels good to have it complete. I don’t know what Bradie would do with the frog…

    Granny: Our temperatures are up and down right now. We sure had more than our share of heat this summer. I would be happy if it stayed fall-like for a little while.