Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Little Frosty

We had a wee bit of a frost over the past couple nights. I was ready for it and harvested all that was left in the garden a week ago. So anything that is still growing I consider a bonus. Not everything was affected by the light frosts, but the zucchini, summer squash, and basil are finished for the season.

So what is left growing in the garden?

Carrots seem to be doing very well. I usually have a difficult time growing carrots, but these are looking quite good:

The lettuce is loving the cooler temperatures. We had warm temperatures even into September. Some of the earlier lettuce plantings bolted in the heat, but the later transplants seem to be doing ok:

Parsley, both flat leaf Italian and Curly are still growing strong. I have dried some and will harvest and freeze a little more this weekend:

My attempt at growing Pak Choi and Chinese Cabbage wasn’t much of a success. I’ll have to remember to use a row cover next time:

The Heritage Raspberries we planted in the spring seem to have adjusted well in their location and are still producing a few berries. I can’t wait to see how they produce next year:

The green tomatoes that were harvested last week are ripening a little at a time. I am washing and freezing these for now to be used over the winter months for soups, stews, sauce, or salsa:

Believe it or not, the peppers were not affected by the frost and are even still blooming. I may be able to harvest a few Jalapeno peppers this weekend:

I am looking forward to the final garden cleanup this weekend. The lawn and paths in between the garden beds are in need of one more mowing before the winter. I also will be planting garlic once I decide where it should go.


  1. Those green carrot tops look great - I hope there are big fat carrots underground! I've been feeling pretty discouraged by how the bugs pretty much destroyed most of my bok choy and other hardy greens. I'll try the row cover method next year as well. Your pepper must be pretty hardy to still be blooming after the frost. Overall, your garden seems to be in great shape for this time of the year.

  2. I have a hard time with chinese cabbage or bok choy etc unless I grow it in the greenhouse where there is less bug/slug infestations. It is the favorite food of slugs and they go for it first if in the garden.

    Lucky you to still have peppers still going! Our peppers were close to a bust this year due to our abnormally cool summer.

  3. Wow, those carrots do look great. We pulled the last of our carrots and they were all nubs. Also, our peppers are still going strong even though we are well into October. I am so amazed by them.

  4. I've always found the chili peppers to be a little hardy too. They are usually the last of the warm season veggies to be removed from the garden.