Saturday, November 6, 2010

Close Carrot Calamity

Something didn’t look quite right when I took a quick glance out the window yesterday morning at the garden. It was raining and had been raining off an on for the past few days. There are only a few things in the garden right now, Carrots, some Herbs, Pak Choy, Chinese Cabbage, Swiss Chard, and Scallions.

It was the Carrot bed that was looking wrong. At first I thought the foliage was matted down from all the rain. When I walked out I was stunned to see that most of the foliage was gone!

This is what the bed looked like only a few days before:

This is what I found:

The foliage had been eaten! Luckily, just the tops were gone. The carrots below were fine except for a few small ones that lay on top of the soil. I found some evidence of a few deer prints in the rain soaked garden soil, so I knew they were the culprits.

I don’t have many problems with deer in the garden. I know they are around, but the woods surrounding the property and the apple trees in a different part of the yard usually provide them with plenty of food. Now whatever apples are left are rotting on the ground and there is no more foliage on the trees. So the nice green carrot tops must have been quite a treat.

I was planning on harvesting the carrots soon, but felt the urge to do so right away even though it began to drizzle again. I pulled them all, trimmed what was left of the tops, and gave them a quick rinse with the garden hose:

Complete carrot calamity avoided.


  1. Boy those are beautiful carrots! It's a good thing you pulled them before they were completely eaten!

  2. Wow, lucky they only ate the greens and left the carrots for you. That is quite a beautiful harvest!

  3. Shoot...i'd let deer eat the tops off mine anyday, if I could get a harvest as good as yours. Ha! Calamity definitely avoided..

  4. Don't you love the way those deer leave their identifying hoof-prints behind (just in case you had any doubt who the culprits were)? The carrots look gorgeous, and it does seem like a good division of labor to have the deer pre-trim the tops! :-) -Jean

  5. Robin: Thanks! I am thrilled to have such a carrot harvest. Usually carrots are so difficult for me to grow. It would have been such a shame to lose them to the deer.

    Meemsnyc: I think I am ok with that type of sharing with the deer. I feel a little bad for them right now. It is hunting season and they are all hovering in the woods close to our houses for safety.

    EG: I was quite alarmed at first until I realized they (thankfully) left the carrots below the soil alone.

    Ribbit: Thanks!

    Jean: Yes, they walked all through the garden and left hoof prints in the soft soil. They frequent our yard so often that even the dog doesn’t alert us when they are outside. Usually they stick to the apples that fall from the tree. Or sometimes they will trim some bean or cucumber foliage, but not enough damage to make much of a difference.