Saturday, January 22, 2011

And More Snow Fell

We experienced another winter storm here in New England on Friday that added another six inches to the snow already on the ground.

My 2.5-foot garden fence is completely covered now:

Temperatures are predicted to be quite cold over the weekend with nights below 0˚F. This is the longest stretch of winter for us here in Maine. I feel I am just waiting during this time….waiting for daylight to noticeably increase, waiting for the temperatures to warm, waiting for the snow to melt, waiting for the ground to thaw, and waiting for signs of spring.

In the mean time, here are some things growing under lights in the basement:

Lettuce just about ready for the first harvest.

One year old onion seeds growing quite well.

Spinach forming their secondary leaves.

Mostly Arugula germinated from some old Mesclun seeds tested.

Sage seedling.

A few more sage seedlings.

These are keeping me focused on spring which is certain to follow eventually.


  1. (sigh) we got 4 inches of snow yesterday. Just when I think the snow is melting away, it comes back. It's freezing here too but not as cold as what you are getting. I love your seedlings that you are growing. With the onions, do you thin these out before you plant these in the garden?

  2. "as the day the night" you will certainly get spring. Those are lovely, lovely seedlings.

  3. Your spinach seedlings are larger than my plants that I sowed in October! I'm surprised you can start everything this early, it will be mid-March before I get my seeds planted.

  4. You definitely have a lot of snow up there! I think that we have about 9" on the ground now.

    Your spinach and greens look great! We just got home from the garden center. I have soil now :) Your post has inspired me to go get some stuff growing in the basement.

  5. Meemsnyc: At least the sun was out today and the sky was such a beautiful deep blue. When planting the onion transplants into the garden, they will be carefully separated and spaced out 16/square.

    Stefaneener: I know, if we didn’t experience winter, spring wouldn’t be so sweet would it?

    Granny: The lettuce and spinach were started to test some seeds and for some greens during the winter. I think I will be able to harvest enough for a few green salads soon. Onions were on my seed-starting schedule for Feb 20th. I started these early because the seeds were old and I wanted to be sure they would germinate. If not, I needed to add more onion seeds to my seed order. Luckily they seem to be ok.

  6. Robin: Yes, there is a lot of snow on the ground right now. Usually there is time in between storms for the snow to melt a little. Not this year.g
    It's fun to have things growing under lights in the basement though. I am looking forward to seeing what you will grow.

  7. Well thank goodness for that patch of spring growing in your home under the grow lights! You are certainly getting clobbered this winter. The onion germination looks great for one year old seed as they usually decreasse in viability quite rapidly as the seed ages.

  8. Your plants look excellent! It is -11f here tonight, coldest it has been in years. Thankfully it will be gone by Tuesday....

  9. I'm sure it feels nice to be seeing all of that fresh green right about now. I've yet to turn on my growing lights....maybe this weekend.

    Oh, nice score with the one year old onion seeds!

  10. Laura: Yes, it is nice to see something growing, even if it is in the basement. I am surprised by the onion germination as well.

    Dan: It has been so cold here lately too. Now that it has warmed a little, we are expecting more snow. Spring can't get here soon enough for me.

    Thomas: I needed to see some green growing, so I turned one set of lights on early this year. I think I will have a little harvest of greens for Harvest Mondays.

  11. Wow, look at all of that snow!!
    I love the lettuce growing in the basket. that is so cute!