Friday, March 18, 2011

The Snow is Not Melting Fast Enough

The past few days have been really warm here in Maine. Today it is supposed to reach 60 degrees but the snow is not melting fast enough from the garden. Last year at this time the snow was long gone. I was amending the soil, fixing up the trellis, and hardening off some cool weather crops.

I drive to work only 20 minutes away and the snow is almost gone. I come back home and see the garden still covered with 1.5 feet of snow. The snow around the house foundation and the snow blowed paths is gone and continues to recede:

Snowblowed path leading to shed and compost bin

It seems K is getting sick of hearing me complain about the snow on the garden.  He took matters in his own hands this morning:

More later…


  1. I have the same exact problem! We still have at least a foot of snow on most of our lawn but the lawns just down the street from us - and without gardens - are almost clear.

    It just isn't right.

    I did see some sprouts from all those daffodil buds I planted last fall so that cheered me up a little bit.

  2. Oh dear, I thought your snow would be gone this week!

    Well, that's one way to get to your garden...I hope he shoveled off the beds after he was done with the snow blower :)

  3. My garden looks a lot like yours; after today's warm temps, I think I'm down to just over a foot in most places. But I'm starting to see bare ground around some trees and near the foundation, and the snow is gone from the south side of the roof. Hang in there -- and remember: there's always one snowfall in April. -Jean

  4. And all I can complain about is constant 44 degrees and rain... Good luck thawing out!

  5. I can't believe you still have snow! Wow!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear you still have snow. It ought to have melted out with the warm weather we all got.

  7. Brandi: I bet the daffodils did cheer you. I failed to plant some last fall, but I do have some crocuses that are still under about a foot of snow. I probably should try to brush them off a bit.

    Robin: We had some really nice warm weather over the past week, but there was just too much snow cover for it all to melt. I shoveled off some of the raised beds and will finish the rest today. Hopefully the rest will melt over the next few weeks.

    Jean: It must have been a big change coming from PA to ME. The spring snows don’t bother me too much as I know they won’t last long.

    Sinfonian: Sometimes I wonder if I should move to a warmer climate. Seriously though, usually we don’t have this much snow on the ground this time of year.

    Meemsnyc: I can’t believe it either. LOL!

    Daphne: We did have a lot of melting towards the coast. I guess the snow was too dense in my yard to melt completely last week.

  8. We are still getting nightly snow fall, not a lot, but enough to keep the temperature in the 30's at best. The only thing green is the evergreen trees and I am tired of winter. Having dreams of picnics or should I say nightmares. I just hope that we have had enough water to let the farmers have their irrigation this year!