Sunday, May 1, 2011

Garden Update: May 1, 2011

The weather turned much more seasonal this week with warmer temperatures. The grass has greened up and will need its first mow in a week or so. The trees are now budding with the promise of foliage. The forsythia has begun to show its beautiful bright yellow blooms. Spring has truly arrived here in Maine.

The rest of the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants were potted up over the past week.

Black Beauty Eggplant

Marconi Rosso & Quadrato Rosso D'Asti Peppers

The Roma Tomatoes potted up last weekend are growing really fast. I am adjusting the lights upwards every couple of days:

Roma Tomato

On Saturday morning, I rearranged the potted up seedlings and did a count to see how many of each I had and compared it to my garden plan. I was a few short of some and a few over on others, so there will need to be some slight adjustments to the garden plan.

There is also some growing progress out in the garden:

Pea Pods Along the North End of the Garlic Bed

Red Barron Onion Sets


I removed the hoop protecting the Lettuce, Pak Choi, Chinese Cabbage, Swiss Chard this weekend. The lettuce is ready for harvesting some of the outer leaves. Unfortunately, the Pak Choi is already bolting. I will try growing it again in the fall.

Lettuce, Chinese Cabbage, Pak Choi, and Swiss Chard

Carrot seed mats planted in the square foot gardens and Celery was transplanted to the Self Watering Containers (SWC).


The Heritage Raspberries planted last year have all begun to green up. I also spotted some new plants growing. This raspberry patch will fill in quickly at this rate.

New Heritage Raspberry

This weekend, I started all my squash, cucumbers, and melons in soil blocks. These will be transplanted to the garden in only a few weeks. Most of these could be direct seeded once the danger of frost has past, but I have experienced better germination control with starting the seeds indoors. It also provides the plants a head start on the short growing season.

The in-ground gardens have dried out and are ready to be prepared for planting. We are hoping to accomplish this next week along with planting potatoes.


  1. Lookin' good! I just love the look of baby eggplants. They're so cute.

  2. Yay! It really is spring, isn't it.....finally!

  3. Hurrah for spring! Your young plants look great and it will not be long now before some of them move out to the garden for the season. Like you, I find starting things like squash and corn indoors and then transplanting out works best...better germination and faster start which makes a difference with our cool summer season.

  4. Ribbit: I think baby eggplants are cute too :)

    Granny: It feels good to have spring weather finally.

    Laura: The peppers had some spotty germination. I hope they catch up soon. I am looking forward to trying some new winter squash this year.

  5. Wow, things really have greened up! Your garden certainly looks different from what it did just a few short weeks ago when you were removing snow between the raised beds. When I was in Maine less than a week ago, my forsythia didn't look anywhere close to blooming. Yeah for spring! -Jean

  6. That roma tomato plant looks amazing -very healthy and strong.

  7. Things are looking great in your garden! Your Roma plant looks stocky and strong!! Mine were leggy and sad looking.

  8. Jean: I noticed the forsythia on my way to work last Thursday. The bright yellow blooms were eye catching. I think you will see a big change the next time you visit your Maine home.

    Jody: Thanks! My Roma tomato seedlings are growing great. The other tomatoes are about two weeks behind because of germination issues. I hope they catch up soon.

    Holly: I made sure to keep the lights really close to the Roma seedlings to try to avoid legginess. It doesn't always happen though. If my tomatoes are leggy, I bury most of the stem in the soil. It will form roots along the buried part and help anchor the plant. They always seem to recover.

  9. Nice to see that things are looking so green! I seems like yesterday that you had three feet of snow in the back yard. Your lettuces look awesome by the way.