Friday, June 24, 2011

As the Garden Grows

It seems I haven’t posted in a while, but really there isn’t much going on in the garden except a bit of growing, weeding, watering and bug control. Lettuce still represents the majority of the harvest, along with some celery, Swiss chard, and scallions.

We had some really nice weather over the past week or so. Thursday was the beginning of a rainy period for us. The rain is needed and welcomed. The cooler temperatures are not.

I dodged the rain to take some updated pictures of the garden:

The first little tomatoes

Garlic scapes ready for harvesting

Pole beans climbing the trellis

The first pea pod

Dark Red Norland Potatoes

Kennebec Potatoes

Peppers enjoying the shower

While it rained, I took some time to try to plan out some succession planting for the garden. Some of the spring lettuce will be finished soon and I have several transplants ready to take their place. I have also started some lettuce seeds in pots that can be moved into the shade as summer heats up. I hope that I can keep fresh lettuce growing all summer.

I have also been reviewing the posts from last year to give me an idea of when crops were harvested so I can plan to put something else in its place.

I expect the garden to pop in growth after this rainy period.


  1. Beautiful! I can't imagine it could look any better, even with the rain. Just about everything in your garden is ahead of mine.

  2. Your garden is looking great. I was really hoping for the rain, but now I'm hoping for the sun.

  3. I've got to agree with you about the temperatures. Uugh! My garden is in another one of those states of suspended animation. I'm hoping that when the sun comes out and the temps warm up, all kinds of flowers that have been holding their breath will suddenly bloom. -Jean

  4. Granny: We had some nice hot weather and the garden was just responding when wham, this rainy and cold period happened. We really needed the rain, but the temps are now in the 50s again. Not good. Next week it is supposed to be 80s.

    Daphne: I too was hoping for rain, but a couple days would have been sufficient. The garden is pouting.

    Jean: Last weeks warm weather had the garden growing. Tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers were especially happy. The rain was really needed, but the cold temperatures may put the plants on pause for a while. Luckily, warmer temperatures are predicted for next week.

  5. Lots of rain this year here in PA too. You have very nice pictures. We use plenty of plastic too. It's good for the soil and makes weeding a breeze. We're about ready to begin harvesting potatoes ourselves. Here's to hoping for the very best!

  6. We are experiencing the same thing, the only difference is that the warm days are not really that terribly warm - mid 70's at best(whoohoo!) not 80's. The forecast is for mid 70's for a few days starting today but back to cool and damp again after. The plants are really struggling to get growing that are heat lovers. My cucumbers and melons are pitifully small and the squash plants (zucchini, butternut, and pumpkings) are only one step better.

    I have a big flat of broccoli and cabbage starts going that will be transplanted into the area my pea patch is in once they are harvested. I will start some kale, swiss chard, and other fall greens in about two weeks to tuck into other areas of the garden. I have some bunching onion and salad onion seeds that I am going to direct seed into the garden this weekend for fall/winter use.

  7. Excellent pictures and layouts. I really like how you laid out the black plastic around your peppers to prevent weeds. I have got to do something like that in some of my beds. Weeding is eating up all my time. I thought about setting layers of newspaper around the plants to slow the weeds down.