Saturday, June 11, 2011

Early June Garden Update

It was back to work this past week, which was difficult after a nice week off working in the garden. We had some 80 and 90 degree F days that also churned up some thunderstorms. The garden responded extremely well to the heat and rain by putting on some considerable growth. Here are a few photos of what is growing:

Purple Trionfo Pole Beans

Purple Trionfo and Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans


Ruby Red Swiss Chard

Lettuce in need of a harvest

Marvielle of the Four Seasons

Kennebec Potatoes

The weeds in the potato bed are tomatoes sprouted from seeds in the compost.


The beginnings of a garlic scape


The first tomato blossom


  1. Your garlic is so big that it almost looks like corn!

  2. So pretty. I love all the beans lined up in a row.

  3. I have so many "volunteer" seeds growing in my beds from the compost pile! I just can't seem to get the pile hot enough to kill off all the seeds. It would be fun to let one of my beds go and see what grows :-)

  4. Looking really nice. Your lettuce looks wonderful. I've had 7 weeks of lettuce harvest here and just today had to buy store bought (sob). Goodbye until fall!

  5. Your swiss chard looks great. Mine still looks like little seedlings. What type of garlic are you growing? I recently harvested scapes. It's awesome.

  6. Your garden looks great...very neat and organized. The garlic bed looks awesome.

  7. Its hard to return to work after enjoying some uninterrupted time in the garden. Obviously the garden benefited from the extra attention as it is looking gorgeous!

  8. EG: Yeah, it does look like corn, doesn’t it? I didn’t think of that before.

    Daphne: All the beans seemed to germinate. Last year, a lot of seeds rotted because of the rain and I had to reseed. I must have planted these just at the right time this year.

    Liisa: I am a lazy composter, so my pile never heats up enough to kill the seeds. I will have to weed my potato bed since there seems to be a million baby tomato seeds. I over planted tomatoes already.

    Tami: I just seeded more heat tolerant varieties in hopes that I can keep the lettuce harvest going this year. It is pretty sad when you finally have tomatoes and cucumbers, but no lettuce.

    Meemsnyc: I started the Swiss Chard inside in April. These were planted out early May and have just begun to really put on some growth. The garlic is Romanian Red and Purple Glazier. I saw your garlic scape harvest and it made me go our and inspect mine. I can’t wait for garlic scapes.

    Kris: Thanks! It is easy to stay organized with SFGing.

    Laura: Thanks! Yes, it was difficult to return to work this week, but now it is back the same routine. The garden is pretty much on autopilot right now with some watering, weeding and harvesting soon. Time to plan the fall garden.