Monday, June 6, 2011

Harvest Monday: June 6, 2011

Each Monday, Daphne’s Dandelions hosts “Harvest Monday” where everyone can share links to their harvest for the week. It’s fun to see what everyone is harvesting from his or her gardens in different areas.

Scallions and Green Garlic


Springtime Shrimp Alfredo

1/2 pound medium raw shrimp (peeled, deveined, and tails removed)
2 green garlic, chopped
2 scallions, chopped
3/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
8 ounces fettuccini (or other pasta)
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon butter
1 cup whole milk
1 teaspoon cornstarch
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
Fresh parsley, chopped

Cooking Instructions:
Cook pasta according to package directions. Mix cornstarch and milk in a small bowl, set aside.

In a large skillet, heat butter and oil over medium-low heat. Add garlic and onions and cook until softened. Do not brown. Add raw shrimp to skillet and cook until shrimp turns pink (1-2 minutes). Stir milk mixture to be sure cornstarch is well blended in and pour it into the pan. Add parmesean cheese, pepper and salt. Stir until the sauce thickens.

Pour mixture over cooked pasta and garnish with parsley.

Makes two generous servings. Add a fresh garden salad and some crusty bread and you have yourself a quick meal for dinner.

Be sure to visit Daphne’s Dandelions to see what others are harvesting this week.


  1. What a lovely dish created from your home-grown produce!

  2. The lettuce and onions look yummy! The recipe sounds good too. :D

  3. Nice spring harvest! I just read your bio and it sounds similar to me :) The property we purchased (3 yrs ago) had an abandoned apple/pear orchard on it as well as grape vines and you are is a constant work in progress but so rewarding!

  4. Pretty little harvest! I always love a good shrimp alfredo, sounds great!

  5. MMM.... anything alfredo is good - but shrimp is best when lobster isn't around. teehee. Your harvest looks very nice.

  6. That sounds delicious. I have lots of green garlic that I need to harvest.... I think I've found a recipe to try!

    Your garden is coming along great! I am not getting as much accomplished on the weekends as I want too.... where does the time go?

  7. Love the shrimp/garlic/pasta combo. We had a shrimp pasta dish with the garlic scape pesto. your Alfredo sounds yummy!

  8. Thanks for the recipe. The heat is causing the leaves on my garlic to die. I didn't think about using them like this! THANKS!

  9. Yum, and a great recipe too. Love Alfredo and this is a slightly different twist. I'll give it a try.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  10. That recipe sounds great! I'm going to have to tell "The Italian" about this.

  11. That shrimp alfredo recipe sounds sooo good. I have a weakness for seafood this time of year.

  12. Sounds delicious. I might end up picking some green garlic as my garlic is starting to get low. The scapes are really filling in, but they will be gone soon.

  13. Malay-Kadazan girl: Thanks! This is just the beginning of the growing season for me.

    Laura: It is so good to eat fresh garden veggies again.

    Allison at Novice Life: We have tamed the grapes and hopefully learned how to spray the apples this year. We will see.

    Megan: This recipe is quick and easy. It will be fun experimenting with different pastas and veggies.

    Barbie: I love lobster……However, K won’t eat it. So we settle for shrimp.

    Henbogle: I had plenty of garlic bulbs last year, so I knew I could sacrifice some as green garlic. These were also smaller than the rest too, but perfect for this recipe.

    Villager: Hopefully soon I will have some garlic scapes. I love garlic scape pesto. In fact, I found some in the freezer from last year and have been enjoying it.

    Debbie in MS: Oh no! So sorry the heat is causing your garlic to die. I hope you can enjoy some green garlic before they all succumb.

    Sharon Lovejoy: It IS a slightly different twist. I hope you like it. I can’t wait to try adding different veggies and substituting chicken.

    Robin: It’s not your typical creamy, fattening Alfredo sauce….but it is very quick and easy to prepare.

    Shawn Ann: Me too!

    Thomas: I am so spoiled by so many fish markets that have opened for the season in my area.

    Daphne: My garlic harvest from last year has shriveled up and I really don’ t want to purchase any from the grocery store. I knew I could sacrifice some a few green garlic to get me by.