Saturday, June 4, 2011

Working Vacation

I try to take some time off from work around this time of year to devote to planting the garden for the season. It allows me to enjoy the planting process and not feel as though I need to rush to “get the garden in.”

Even though I was on vacation, there wasn’t much rest and relaxation last week with so much to do in the garden. The week began hot and humid, but gradually became more comfortable for working outside. There were a few showers here and there during the week, but it was mostly warm and sunny. I couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather. As of Friday, the garden was officially “in.”

It looks like the pole beans will emerge today:

Early in the week, the trellises were put up, solar mulch laid, and Kentucky Wonder and Purple Trionfo Pole Beans were seeded:

Tomato overflow bed was planted:

Squash transplanted into the new bed. By August, this corner of the garden will be filled with vines:

Extra onions were transplanted on the other side of the new bed and the rest was seeded with some bush beans and beets. Hopefully, these will finish up by the time the squash needs to stretch their vines.

Now that the temperatures have cooled down a bit, I have pulled out the remainder of the frozen tomatoes from last year to thaw and make into sauce. Earlier in the week, I made a batch of salsa with frozen tomatoes, Jalapeno, and fresh green garlic. I had to purchase peppers and onions though. Hopefully this batch will last us until the garden produces more.


  1. I have done similar in year's past but not with my new I will have to try to cram what I can over weekends...your veg garden looks wonderful

  2. I feel so busy with the garden and the chicks that I can imagine working, hehe. You garden looks great! Well done!

  3. Love me some "staycation". I also took this past week off. Your garden is looking good!

  4. I love taking time off of work to work in the garden. I like the "covers" on the Squash ;-)

  5. Things are looking wonderful. Though the tomatoes and melons have slowed down their growth due to the cooler weather, I have sure loved it. It has been so beautiful these last few days.

  6. Donna: Thanks! It is helpful to have some extra time to garden.

    Sinfonian: Thanks! I guess my garden is officially on its way. I imagine that it would be quite busy and fulfilling to deal with being a stay at home Dad, gardening, and taking care of the new chicks.

    Tami: It seems all my vacation days have been a “staycation” in the past few years. That is ok though, I really enjoy spending time at home and in my garden.

    Lissa: The poor squash were invaded with stripped cucumber beetles even before they were planted. I hand picked them off and hoped the covers would help keep them away.

    Daphne: I sure loved the much cooler weather. The newly planted transplants seemed to like it as well.

  7. Please bring some of that cooler weather down here to Georgia. Everything looks great!

  8. I have traditionally taken the first week of April off from work and we have used it as a staycation of sorts. I would use several days to do the major planting up of the garden and we would use the other days to do day trips to enjoy some of the wonderful places that are practically in our own backyard. I did not do that this year because my work load at work is so peaked up in 2011 (major and multiple projects) so I am just juggling as best I can with the days I do have. I really am getting tired though and some time off sounds so appealing!

    Your garden looks great and I bet it feels really good to have it in now.

  9. I was taking advantage of that weather last week to get work done in the garden, too -- in my case, weeding flower beds, getting plant supports and soaker hoses in place, and spreading 3 cubic yards of compost/mulch. I could do without the 90s they're predicting for later this week, but things are really popping in the garden with all that warmth. My morning glory seeds germinated in record time and will need to be thinned soon.