Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Watching the Garden Grow

The weather here in Maine has been a boon to the garden. We’ve had some rain and some really warm temperatures.  According to the weather predictions, the warm temperatures are supposed to continue into the weekend with some thundershowers here and there. With some supplemental watering it is just what a growing garden needs.

Herbs, onions, and garlic are harvested for meals as required, but there were no major harvests this week. I feel as though I am just waiting for the harvests to come.

I may not need to wait long for some summer squash. Both zucchini and yellow squashes have fruit growing:

The first Zucchini

The first Yellow Summer Squash

The pole beans have winded their way to the top of the trellis and beyond:

Pole Beans have reached the top of the trellis

Winter squash is vining and blooming. Soon this entire end of the garden will be overwhelmed with squash vines:

Squash bed

The first eggplants and peppers are forming:

First Eggplant

First Pepper

The garden still remains a little later in maturity than last year but it won’t be long before we reap the rewards.


  1. The garden is ready to produce! Everything looks great........just a little more patience.
    Your squash bed looks like it could take over the world!

  2. Love the 'baby' pix, any day now we in Utah will have some to share.

  3. Sue: Yes, I am a little impatient at this point. Especially after seeing all the wonderful harvest at Daphne's Dandelions' Harvest Monday this week. I am on the cusp of enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of my labor.

    Greg W: "Baby" veggies are so exciting to discover :) Wow, which zone are you in in Utah?

  4. That's how my garden looks right now too, minus the pepper and eggplant part. I'm anxiously awaiting the first pepper and eggplant to form. I'm counting down the days to pick my first zuke of the season.

  5. Everything looks so good! Mine seems to be in about the same place as most of yours, except the zucchini! Mine is growing sooooo slow for some reason. I am sure it won't be long and it will have grown into a monster over night, but for now, I am feeling impatient!

  6. It looks like you are almost there. Soon you will be drowning in produce.

  7. Gorgeous squash patch! Ours is a shadow of what it normally would be at this time of year. The pumpkins and zucchini appear to be waking up though and I have cucumbers that are getting on with it finally too - nothing like the squash jungle that is the hallmark of mid summer. Those zucchini are definitely going to give you a nice harvest this week. I never let them get very big before harvesting because they taste so much better when young (and not so overwhelming!).

  8. This is one of my favorite times of the growing season. Everything is growing well and nothing is too overgrown. My only wish is that the tomatoes will hurry along. Once you have a great tomato growing season like what we had in 2010, you want it every year!

  9. Woohoo! This is a great time. Anticipation rages and the green keeps expanding. Can't wait to see the harvest pictures.

  10. Meemsnyc: The first peppers and eggplant just began to form on Wednesday. I am sure yours will follow very soon. We picked the first zuke for Thursday’s dinner. Yum.

    Shawn Ann: The zucchini plants are really pumping out the fruit right now. I can see the first major harvest happening this weekend. I try to pick them small, but they get away from me sometimes.

    Daphne: Yes, almost.

    KitsapFG: The squash patch has already increased in size since that last picture was taken. It has been a while since I have grown Winter squash and I forgot how crazy the vines can get. It was really nice to see all kinds of bees buzzing around the blossoms too. They were missed earlier in the season.

    Thomas: I know I should just sit back and enjoy watching the garden grow at this point. I know it is going to be crazy soon with keeping up with everything.