Saturday, August 6, 2011

Update on the Garden

Nothing big to harvest for this last Harvest Monday but things are growing really well. Overall, the garden is still running a bit behind than last year.

The yellow summer squash and zucchini paused for a bit during our heat wave a few weeks ago allowing us to catch up on consuming and preserving the first round of fruit. They are just beginning to ramp up again and I suspect I will be harvesting more by the end of this weekend:

Yellow Summer Squash

The rest of the squash took advantage of the warm weather and produced numerous fruit and spread their vines far and wide.




I thought these bush beans would finish producing once the squash needed the room, but as you can see they are only forming blooms now and the squash has already invaded. Rarely do my plans work out, as the garden seems to have a mind of its own.

Royal Burgundy Bush Beans

There are some beets next to the beans that will also soon be overwhelmed. I think I will harvest them this week. They are still small, but I think they will be good roasted with other root vegetables.

Chioggia Beets

I spent this morning trimming the tomatoes and culling out the fruit that had developed BER during our heat wave. Thankfully, only the newly developed fruit was affected, the older fruit is still ok.

All my tomatoes are showing signs of some sort of leaf spot disease, which is not unusual this time of year. I mulch to reduce soil splash and trim off affected leaves as the growing season progresses. That was when I discovered this:

First San Marzano Tomato

The official first tomato of the season! As I looked around, I saw others too were blushing and ready to turn red:

Roma Tomato

I also found a few of these:

Small Hornworm


The peppers loved the hot temperatures and are producing really well. I am thankful because I am only growing half of what I planned on because of germination issues:

It looks like we will be enjoying some fresh salsa soon.


  1. It looks like things are growing well. My squash is finally just starting to set. Now if it sets a handful more and has time to mature I'll be happy. It will be a race to see if it is ready in time though.

  2. You're garden looks great. The green peppers especially.

  3. Nothing better than a ripe tomato surprise. Congrats!

  4. Finally, our gardens have decided to grow and produce for us! I'm eating my very first good Cherokee Purple tomato of the season, the earlier ones were a bit bland. It looks like the warm weather has made an improvement in flavor. Your squash and peppers are still way ahead of mine, but I at least have some hope I'll harvest some before cold weather sets in.

  5. Your yellow squash is loaded with buds. Your roma tomato plant is loaded too, I sure hope mine looks like that.

  6. The squash are really beautiful, particularly the Delicata though. My squash plants are finally getting some real growth on and I just hope it was soon enough to get fruits matured before the cold fall rains arrive.

    Your garden is certainly doing well. Enjoy those first tomatoes!

  7. Everything looks so marvelous!!!
    We are growing almost identical plantings. Last year was our first with delicata and I tripled our amount of plants for this year they were that good.

  8. Squash does have a mind of it's own! My acorn squash climbed up into my pole bean trellis. It's always something. Your bell peppers look great. It's been too hot here for them.

  9. Daphne: Yes, it seems that finally things are growing. My poor watermelon plants have even produce one tiny melon. It will be interesting if it matures in time.

    Tami: Thanks!

    Sue: this one was hiding on me. Glad I found it.

    Granny: So glad you have some warmer weather finally. I bet your squash and peppers will put on some big growth now.

    Kris: Yes, the yellow summer squash has been pretty prolific.

    Laura (KitsapFG): This is my first time growing Delicata. I hope I like it because there are a lot of fruit from that plant.

    Allison (a tasteful garden): I grew Delicata on your recommendation. I can't believe how well these vines are producing.

    Villager: I have a spaghetti squash vine that rambled out of the bed over the garden fence and gripped on to a tree branch. It's crazy.