Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"We were picklers..."

When I planned my garden last year I asked K if he liked pickles. He said he did so I planned on growing a bunch of pickling cucumbers. Past years, I only grew a few cucumber plants to eat fresh and in salads.

Cucumbers were my most prolific producers last year and I made several batches of pickles. I made Bread & Butter Pickles, Kosher Dill Pickle spears, and Sweet Pickle Relish. Soon my shelves were filled with jars of pickles. We had so many pickles that I began asking K if he wanted pickles almost with every meal. I gave jars and jars of pickles and relish away and still have jars on my shelves one year later (sigh).

Thankfully I learned my lesson and only planted a few cucumber plants this year...just enough for snacking and in salads. I think of this scene in Modern Family's "Coal Digger" episode from 2009 every time I open the pantry door and am reminded of the pickles still on the shelves:

Mitchell: I don't like football.

Cameron: You know what? I thought part of being in a relationship was pretending to enjoy your partner's interests. Do you think I really loved home pickle making?

Mitchell: Yeah, 'cause you did.

Cameron: For a week, until we became the weird guys who gave everybody pickles. "Oh thank you, Marvin, for inviting us into your lovely home. Here, would you care for sacks pickles?"

Mitchell: It was charming.

Cameron: We were picklers, Mitchell. Okay, you know what, fine. Stay home with your little, jagged scissors. Maybe catch up on your scrap-booking.

Mitchell: Uh, come-you love scrap-booking.

Cameron: Did I Mitchell? Did I? [Leaves room]
From Modern Family's Coal Digger episode, "I don't like football" scene


  1. Lesson learned? So, just how many jars DO you still have left?

  2. I used to be a pickler, big time. Now I am over it. Almost.

  3. I may be in trouble; this year I planted lots of cucumbers for pickling ... and I don't even like pickles except chopped up in potato salad ....

  4. LOL, hands down Modern Family is one of the funniest shows on TV and Mitchell and Cameron are my favorite characters on that show.

  5. Sue: There are probably a dozen jars still on the shelf. (sigh)

    Villager: LOL! "Almost."

    Deb: I don't like pickles either

    Kris: I was late to the Modern Family party. I caught up by watching on DVD. Now it is one of the only TV shows I watch live. Funny, funny show.

  6. I love pickles, but mostly refrigerator pickles. And I am the pickle lady that brings pickles everywhere (though recently it has been tomatoes). I have a few friends that kill for my pickles so I always bring them to their house. Though I do remember my cousin looking at me like I was crazy when I brought pickles one year to Thanksgiving. Then she ate half the jar.

  7. I have done that with squash and zucchini...not pickling, of course, but growing so much that I kept trying to come up with ideas on how to make it or preserve it. Learned my lesson, too!

  8. I always make 7 or 8 jars (one batch) of dill pickle relish and at most one batch of dills per year. We always use up every single one of the dill pickle relish jars and usually have a few dill pickle jars left at the end of the year. Anything more would just be totally wasted for us. However, we really love refrigerator dills so I use the extra produce during the cucumber season in the refrigerator dill pickle jar and we eat them with abandon for a month or so when the pickels are "on"!

    That was a cute segment - never watched this show before but it looks funny.

  9. This is hilarious! I Love this show. I wonder how many of us are closet picklers.

  10. Ha! I LOVE Modern Family. I remember this episode! Is it wrong that this post only makes me want to pickle my cucumbers?? I've had so many cucumbers this summer, but I've been giving them away. The tomatoes are a little easier to keep up with. Cucumbers are a bit harder.

  11. Wuhahahahahhahaha! That is too funny. Actually, I would love an excess of pickles. Yum.