Monday, September 26, 2011

Harvest Monday: September 26, 2011

Each Monday, Daphne’s Dandelions hosts “Harvest Monday” where everyone can share links to their garden yield for the week. It’s fun to see what everyone is harvesting each week and how they are enjoying their homegrown produce.

I missed Harvest Monday last week not because I didn't have any garden bounty to share, but because I was so busy all weekend with preserving the harvest. It was almost a carbon copy of the previous week anyway. The last of the tomatoes were turned into yet another batch of canned "Seasoned Tomato Sauce" (Ball Blue Book of Preserving), 12 pints of string beans were canned, and some applesauce was made and canned.

New this week is the first few harvests of Concord Grapes:

Concord Grapes

Concord Grapes

This is the best harvest of grapes we have ever had all thanks to K's ruthless pruning of the overgrown vines a few years back. Some will be used to make grape jelly and I may try to make some wine. Some say Concord Grapes don't make a good wine because they are too acidic and too low in sugar, but I am willing to give it a try. I have made wine from kits in the past, but this will be my first attempt at fruit wine and I will be following the recipe of wine guru, Jack Keller.

The last of the basil was harvested:


The leaves were showing dark splotches of damage from our cooler nights. The basil was made into pesto and frozen. I only remembered this weekend to start some basil seeds so it can be grown on the kitchen windowsill over the winter for fresh leaves. We are going to miss fresh basil on our Pizza Pie Fridays for a little while.

I haven't grown many winter squash in the past. This was the first year and only because of the extra room the garden expansion gave us:

Sugar Pie Pumpkin


There are three more pumpkins still in the garden that are almost ready for harvesting and a few butternuts that are just beginning to show signs of ripening.

The deer continue to graze on the south end of the garden. These are the last zucchini and summer squash harvested from the partially eaten vines along with some beets that were pulled from the ground as the deer munched on the green tops:

Summer Squash and Beets

You can tell it is the end of gardening season because I don't even care what the deer eat at this point. They have consumed most of the old squash vines and bush beans that had finished producing any way. So they are actually helping me clear the garden for winter. We will see how this goes next year.

Thankfully there are no more tomatoes that are in need of immediate attention. However, the marathon weekends of canning and preserving will continue another couple of weeks with apples, grapes, string beans, and squash still coming in.

The poor garden is looking pretty neglected right now. The weekends have been filled with canning and preserving and there is less daylight in the evenings after work to tend to things. The paths need to be mowed, potatoes need to be dug, and the remaining tomato plants need to be pulled.  An extended warm period has resulted in new fruit grown for the peppers and eggplant.

Be sure to visit Daphne’s Dandelions to see what others are harvesting this week.


  1. Your squash & pumpkins are beautiful! I only got one orange pumpkin from my vine this year. Hopefully they will do better next year.

    I guess that those pesky deer are good for something!

    It looks like all the canning will be going on for awhile around here too! I just looked at my list of things to can and it's still pretty long!

  2. That is a lovely basket of grapes! I never made wine with Concords but I love the jelly.

    Our peppers and eggplant have gotten their second wind too, but the tomatoes have slowed down and that's ok by me. We bought a half bushel of apples that need attention this week.

    All that food you're putting up will be good this winter!

  3. What an amazing harvest this week! How many pound of delicata squash did you wind up with? I am very excited about my Honey Boats but the two plants only produced 5 itty bitty squash! I'll have to try them somewhere else next year. By the way, I'm completely jealous of your grapes!!!

  4. Beautiful pumpkins. Perfect timing for the winter squashes! Your grapes are wonderful looking. My measly things are pathetic next to yours, and my vines are dying back already, how is that? Humph! LOL.

  5. Beautiful squashs and grapes this week. I am hoping to get some ripe pumpkins before the plants die back this fall but am not going to get even one single butternut....they started setting fruit way too late. How much area do you have planted up in grapes?

  6. Funny how anxious we all are to get out in the garden in the spring, but by this time of the season--I'm equally glad to be done. No more dealing with the harvests!
    As for the grapes, I have a friend that always takes our extras and he makes wine from them---and it turns out pretty good. (or is that my opinion AFTER drinking all the wine?)

  7. Nice grapes.

    I bet all the boys say that!

  8. beautiful grapes and squash! congrats on the nice harvests.

  9. Those pumpkins are beautiful, and all that canning, we understand! Good luck with the wine. I hope it's a huge success!

  10. Those Delicata squash look fabulously tactile - I want to pick one out of the photo and hold it. Those grapes look fabulous, I hope the wine is delicious.

  11. Your concord grapes are huge! They grow wild around here and at this time of year I can smell their perfume when I go for a walk. You can make a grape pie from them. It's a weird recipe where you slip the fruits out the skin and cook them separately. The fruit is then put through a sieve to remove the seeds, then fruit and skins are combined to fill the pie. It's a great pie, well worth the trouble. You can find lots of recipes if you do a search, or try Joy of Cooking.

  12. Robin: Thanks! I wasn't sure what to expect from the pumpkins. They seemed to take forever to grow, but when they did they took over.

    I will have another busy weekend canning as well.

    Villager: The only problem with making Concord wine is I won't know if I am successful for another 1-2 years.

  13. Bee Girl: I didn't weight he delicate, but got 10 or 12 squash from 2 plants. When we purchased the property, the grape vines were really overgrown. We have tamed them somewhat. This is the first great harvest. There are still more to pick from the vines.

    Barbie: I haven't grown pumpkins in a long, long time. I am looking forward to pies, muffins, and toasted pumpkin seeds. We were lucky to have some mature grape vines on the property when we purchase the home.

    Laura: I have one butternut that came out of 3 plants. Funny thing, I had an extra seedling that I didn't know where to plant. It stayed in the pot for almost a month before I plopped it in the ground. There are two butternut on this vine that are almost ripe.

    Sue: Each spring I think I am going to try to extend the season with hoops and such. Then when autumn arrives I am ready for a break.

    I find that wine is so subjective. Different people like different things about the flavor. I am willing to experiment.

    The Idiot Gardner: LOL!

    Emily: Thanks!

    Jody: Yes, I think most of us are very busy putting up the harvest. It is almost over. In only a few weeks we can sit back and be satisfied with our hoard of canned goodies.

    Liz: Thank you.

    Dave Velten: I never even thought to make a pie with the Concord grapes! It would be very well received in this household. Thank you for the marvelous idea!

  14. Wow, look at the beautiful grapes!

    I have three varieties of seedless grapes I put in last fall, and while they did some decent growing this year, all are losing/have lost their leaves already. I'm hoping that's just because it's coming to the end of the season, and that there's not something wrong with them. Will have to wait til next spring to find out!

  15. How is this wine making endeavor working out? I hope it's going well!

  16. Hello from Japan... your pumpkins look so lovely, the orange ones especially...