Monday, October 10, 2011

Harvest Monday: October 10, 2011

Each Monday, Daphne’s Dandelions hosts “Harvest Monday” where everyone can share links to their garden yield for the week. It’s fun to see what everyone is harvesting each week and how they are enjoying their homegrown produce.

A minor frost hit the garden on Thursday morning and a more severe one on Friday morning. The few remaining pumpkins and squash were harvested Thursday evening after work:

Sugar Pie Pumpkin and Butternu

Before the frost on Thursday night, there was still optimistic growth going on in the garden from the peppers. The plants were filled with blooms and peppers. I harvested all the fruit that were on the plants Thursday evening:



Marconi Rosso

Quadrato Rosso D'Asti

It looks like another batch of salsa will be made this week.

More Concord Grapes were also harvested before the frost. One batch of wine was started on Friday. The rest of the grapes were frozen and will be used in a future experimental batch of wine.

Still in the garden are some leeks, green onions, broccoli, spinach, and some Swiss chard that has been nibbled on by deer. The potatoes also still need to be dug. A lot of garden cleanup will occur this week because I have taken a few days off from work to enjoy some fall weather. This weekend was rather warm, in the 80s both Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, the temperatures will be normal the rest of the week.

Be sure to visit Daphne’s Dandelions to see what others are harvesting this week.


  1. Your pepper harvest is making me jealous-they're beautiful.

  2. The warm weekend weather was just crazy! It looks like the temps are going to remain good but not quite so hot!

    Enjoy your time off and those beautiful peppers!

  3. Those peppers look great! I didn't get many Anaheims, but the jalapenos were plentiful this year. Enjoy the gorgeous weather!

  4. Nice pepper harvest! What will you do with all of the jalapenos? I'm attempting to make hot sauce with mine.

    We've yet to see a frost here and the forecast isn't predicting one anytime soon.

  5. Beautiful pepper harvests! Sorry to hear the frosts have arrived. It definitely puts closure to the summer harvest crops.

  6. Great looking peppers, sorry to hear about the frost. I don't know how you deal with that cold weather up there.

  7. That is a wild temperature swing, from frosts to the 80s!

    Deer must like chard. They've eaten the tops of mine too. Hopefully yours and ours will come back out with some new leaves before winter.

  8. Sue: I had very happy peppers this year. They grew 4 feet tall and produced a lot of fruit.

    Robin: Today we hit 80 again. Crazy weather for October. Tomorrow should be cooler. I hope so, I have some potatoes to dig up.

    Henbogle: I had germination issues with my Anaheim so only ended up with two plants. Luckily, these two plants produced very well.

  9. So you have had a frost already! I suppose that is to be expected in Maine. Your pepper harvest was amazing this year. Enjoy your time off from work. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Warm Fall days working in the garden are to be treasured.

  10. Thomas: I'm not sure what to do with all the Jalapenos. A hot sauce sounds good. The peppers will be frozen for now.

    Laura (kitsapFG): I am ok with frost arriving. With the exception of the peppers, the garden was pretty much ready as well.

    Kris: Fall frost is part of the gardening process for me. I probably could have covered the peppers and they may have been ok. They produced very well for me this year. It was time.

    Villager: Crazy weather. It has been in the 80s for 3 days now. The chard is already showing some new growth.

  11. Lexa: Yes, frost is expected around this time of year. The garden is pretty much prepared for it. I consider this pepper harvest my bonus harvest.