Friday, October 28, 2011

Nor'easter in October?

The weather people are predicting a Nor’easter this weekend in New England. Winter storm watches and cancellation announcements are already scrolling across the local news stations and websites.  The potential snowfall for my area is 5-10 inches.

I am so not ready.

Today was a pleasant day to work outside in the garden. It was chilly, in the 40s with a cold wind but the sun was warm. My goals were to harvest some herbs, the last of the green onions, and the leeks. I also needed to prepare the garlic bed and plant the garlic.

I was able to accomplish these goals and also move the Self Watering Containers and pots into the shed, wind up all the garden hoses, and shovel out some compost on the new garden bed dug this year.

It is rare that we have snow by Thanksgiving. There is still so much that we need to do before winter takes hold. We still have leaves to rake, shred, and add to the compost pile. There is a pile of wood in our driveway in need of stacking. And the garden isn't as cleaned up as I would like it to be.

Tomorrow will be devoted to final storm preparations. The leaves still on the trees will be heavy with a coating of snow and may cause power outages. So we need to be sure we are prepared for no power.  Luckily, the wood stove and chimney have already been cleaned and prepared for winter and the snow thrower is ready for action.

Hopefully the snow that falls this weekend is not an indication of the type of winter we will have and will melt quickly.


  1. Funny how the weather is across the country. My garden was finished in EARLY September due to frost---I was so jealous of your long season of growing. And yet YOU get the first snow????? So not fair!!
    (Yes, I'm one of "THOSE PEOPLE" that loves winter!)

  2. Sorry to hear about your early snow, I can't imagine Maine winters. Hopefully it won't be too much for you. Good luck.

  3. Sounds terrible, winter is too long as it is. Best of luck getting everything in order before the storm arrives.

  4. Crazy weather!! You better get your garden prepared today....because it is snowing like crazy here and will probably reach you by tomorrow morning!

    I so hope that the weather returns to normal for fall. I have so much gardening to do before winter!