Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meet Millie

We are thrilled to provide a loving home for Rena's dog and constant companion, Millie (AKA Millwood or Woody). She is a senior, golden mix with a sweet disposition and loving personality. She is also partially deaf and suffers from allergies.

Millie was a bit depressed when we brought her home, but within a week she seems to have adjusted quite well. Bradie has always shown respect when visiting Millie's home, but we weren't sure how she would behave once Millie was here. She's been very welcoming and sharing of her space and our attention.

Bradie (right) showing Millie the garden.

Bradie (back) showing Millie where to find apples.

The cats, Jasmine and Mysty have been a bit cautious with a new dog in the house but I am certain that they too will adjust. Millie lived with a mischievous cat and she assumes our cats will be similar. So she is trying to play with them, but they won't have any of that nonsense.

Millie rolling in the grass

Knowing that Millie suffered from allergies, our first priority was gradually shifting her food to one that is more natural and healthier for her.  The transition went well and there seems to be an improvement already.

A vet visit has provided us with a plethora of medication, remedies, bathing, and cleaning items to help with her allergies. She is suffering from infection in her ears and paws. We are still waiting for blood and urine test results.

Millie will have a great existence here for as long as we are blessed to have her in our lives.


  1. Welcome Millie! She looks like a beautiful soul.

  2. A Big Welcome to Millie! I'm sure that they will all settle in in no time!

  3. Allison: Yes, she is a beautiful soul. I don't know how a dog can be so sweet, but she is.

    Robin: The animals seem to have adjusted. It's the humans that need more time. LOL!

  4. She looks like an absolute darling. Bless you for giving her a lovely second home. Obviously you are giving her the attention she needs to thrive and enjoy her golden years.

  5. I so miss having a dog. Millie looks lovely.

  6. You and K have my sympathy on Rena's loss, but providing a home for Millie seems like a wonderful way to keep part of her with you. -Jean

  7. What a sweetheart! I'm sure you will each share your love equally, and all will be happier for each others' company. I had to go give my babies a big hug after reading this :-)

  8. Laura: Millie seems to be enjoying her time here. She has made herself right at home.

    Daphne: Having two dogs is a bit much for our small house, but we are adjusting.

    Jean: Thank you for your kind words. Millie was Rena's best friend. It means a lot to us to make sure Millie's senior years are the best they can be.

    Granny: It is pretty amazing how quickly Millie is fitting in to our household. The two dogs are getting along wonderfully and the cats are coming around.