Sunday, July 22, 2012

The First Blush

I was doing my morning walk through the garden and taking some pictures to document the stages of growth when I spotted it:

San Marzano wins the first red tomato award in the garden spot for the second year in a row. Although last year it was almost two weeks later in the season before a hint of red was seen. It must be because of  all the hot weather we have been experiencing this summer.

I hope there are more to follow soon because we are running out of home preserved tomato sauce. I have two one-gallon bags of frozen tomatoes from last year that I am going to make into sauce this week, but then that is it. We are out. I haven't been out of tomato sauce for three years.

Most of the tomatoes are doing really well this year. The San Marzanos are showing minimal signs of disease on their lower branches and they are filled with fruit:

San Marzano Tomatoes

Amish Paste Tomatoes are new to the garden spot thanks to seeds shared by Daphne. The plants are very well behaved and seem to love to be trellised and often intertwine themselves into the support fencing. The fruit is lovely. I can't wait to try my first ripe Amish Paste:

Amish Paste Tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes are struggling this year. I think the heat stressed the plants and they are showing signs of disease. They are full of fruit though so hopefully I will be able to harvest some Romas before the plants expire.

Roma Tomatoes

I grow mostly paste tomatoes for making sauce and salsa, but there are a couple of globe tomatoes in the garden spot as well.

Rutgers Tomatoes are new to the garden spot this year thanks to Seeds of the Month Club:

Rutgers Tomatoes

I also grew some Bush Big Boy for a neighbor who didn't end up planting a garden this year. I found room for some of them. These were planted much later than the others and had grown very tall in their solo cups. I trenched the stems and planted almost 12-inches underground leaving just the very tips of the plants. They are growing really well and are healthy. They should give us a few nice sized slicers even with the late start:

Bush Big Boy Tomatoes

Bush Big Boy Tomatoes

Seeing the first red tomato is very exciting. Soon the marathon harvest and preserving will begin.


  1. Your tomatoes are looking great Rachel. Looks like you are going to have a great harvest in a few more weeks.

  2. My small early varieties have been producing (Stupice, Window Box, and Silvery Fir Tree) an occassional ripe tomato for me for a few weeks now, but my main crop tomatoes are just now starting to set some green fruit. We (unfortunately) entered into a stormy wet cycle for the past few weeks and it just stopped the poroduction of fruit for a while. I am hoping with the return of sunshine this week, the plants all play catch up and get a move on it. As always, in my region it is a race to get ripe fruit before the cold fall rains arrive. I am doing better this year than last but the race is still on.

    Can you send some of your ripe saucers my direction please?! ;D

  3. your photos all are super. I can understand your eagerness on your plants and first harvest. you had good job to maintain plants. Keep it up. my wishes you to get successive harvest.