Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Greens

I am not very organized or successful at fall planting. Transplants usually suffer from heat and bolt early or get eaten by hungry deer. My attempt at fall gardening this year was to fill the former 4x4 garlic bed with some fall seeds, protect it from cabbage butterflies and deer, and see what happens.

It has been a while since I peeked under the row cover, but I could see some green was growing through the cover. I was hoping it wasn't weeds.

I was surprised when I lifted the cover that the plants spilled out. There is a bit of a slug party going on. I will have to remember to put down some sluggo once the rain stops.

Growing very well is Kale, Kolabri, Carrots, Pak Choi, and Spinach. I even spotted a tomato plant growing among the greens. The seed probably came from the compost. Lettuce is a no show. The seeds are old and will be tossed.

I thinned out the Kale and enjoyed some with dinner simply sautéed with olive oil and garlic. Yum! I am looking forward to more greens soon.


  1. Good job! That is a nice fall greens patch and you have managed to keep the deer and the cabbage worms at bay. :D

  2. Beautiful looking greens! Yes, the slugs are rampant this year.

  3. Your greens look great! You are a lot more organized then me this year. I didn't sow any fall veggies and just sowed winter veggies today.

  4. Everything looks great. At first all I saw was the kale. It really does like to take over.

  5. Beautiful greens! Looks like your experiment is very successful!