Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wicked Windy Wednesday

The degrading wood combined with the top-heavy bean vines was no match for the whipping wind Wednesday night.

Thursday morning found two of the bean trellises on the ground. Up until then the beans were still producing, but I wasn't too upset since we have enough canned and frozen beans for the winter months. I did salvage some beans for fresh eating.

Luckily nothing IN the bed was damaged either. I only had some bush beans in this bed that I was allowing to go to seed. The second bed still has New Zealand spinach, but the trellis didn't harm that either.

K helped me wrestle the trellises to the side of the garden. I will wait for the vines to die back then clean up and try to salvage the nylon trellis netting. The wood will be allowed to dry then burned in our woodstove this winter.

The 4x4 raised beds will need to be rebuilt next year along with new trellis structures. I used pine for the current beds and it only lasted three years. I may invest in cedar instead of pine this time. Especially for the north side of the bed where the trellis structure is screwed in. When I first built the beds, I wasn't sure if raised gardening would work for me. I have found that I like some of the features of growing crops in a raised bed so these will remain in the garden spot.


  1. Amazing what a little rot and a strong wind can do. I am about to start giving away most of my green bean (both bush and pole) harvests as we too have all we need in the freezer and pantry shelves. The beans are still going strong though. It looks like you are a having a lovely fall there... the sun is shining beautifully and the grass is quite green in your pictures.

  2. Oh dear! Glad you managed to use this opportunity to rethink everything,andnice bean timing,waiting until you had enough.

  3. We had a lot of wind too, but luckily nothing came down. I do have to get the last of my dried beans picked sometime. I think most of them have ripened, but not all.

  4. It was a very windy day! My trellised plants were mostly dead anyway, so there was nothing weighty to come down.Good thing, because my "trellises" are very slipshod, nothing like the sturdy ones you seem to have. Sorry you will have to rebuild, but I'm sure the new beds and trellises will be even sturdier.