Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just Another Snowy Weekend

We were blanked by another significant snowstorm over the weekend. This is the third snowstorm in three weeks. The predictions were 4-8 inches but we ended up with about a foot of heavy, wet snow. Here are some photos taken through the window during the storm:

The photos below were taken the morning after the storm as we began to dig out. The sun was shining brightly the whole day:

We did lose power briefly during this storm. It was during the night and we had the wood stove burning for heat. Yet another snowstorm is predicted for tomorrow. The weatherpeople are guessing that it will be a 2-day storm and leave another 6-10 inches of snow. I can't wait for spring


  1. That's a lot of snow! How beautiful. We've not had snow like that for years.

  2. Those pics are beautiful. Love the cardinal, and the dog, and the tree heavy with snow...ok, i love all of them! :)

  3. The wet snow hanging on the branches is beautiful but I'm thankful to look at it in a photograph. This time of year I get really sick of winter, and it's been hanging on in the midwest like a pitbull. At least there's no snow. I'll bet you'll be happy to see the last of it melt.

  4. Snow is very beautiful, at least I think so when I am inside!

    1. It is very pretty. But I've had enough for this year and would like it to melt now :)