Thursday, April 11, 2013

Peppers Are Off to a Good Start

Anaheim peppers were the first the first to make their appearance this year, but the others are not far behind. As mentioned previously I started my pepper seeds last week by pre-sprouting them on wet paper towels. Anaheim sprouted within a few days. At first I attributed this to fresher seeds, but some of the other older seeds were only days behind. Then I realized that I located the tray on the shelf above a light and believe that the extra heat rising from the light was a contributing factor.

Once the seeds pre-sprout, they are carefully placed into a soil block. Then gently covered with sterile seed starting mix, which seems to help prevent dampening off.

The soil blocks are placed in a domed tray under the lights on a heat mat. Within a few days I found the Anaheim seedlings reaching for the light. I opened the dome cover a crack to allow the new seedlings to adapt to the cooler temperature and will remove the dome completely in a few days.

I am pre-sprouting my tomatoes the same way this week.

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