Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring is Finally Here

Even though the calendar says it's Spring, it just didn't feel like it with the late snowfalls and cold weather we have experienced lately. St. Patrick's Day is generally the time we sow peas in our area. Not this year. At least one foot of snow covered the garden on March 17th.

Luckily last week, we had had warm days and the snow is receding a little at a time. I can see the garden again. It will still be a while before I can work the soil as it is still pretty soggy.

I can finally see the garden soil

I am hoping something overwintered under here. Row cover is still frozen to the snow.

Along with the weather, my seed starting has been a bit erratic. I had to reseed some onions, celery, celeriac, and parsley due to poor germination. I am behind on starting some my early lettuce and other greens. Hopefully I will be able to direct seed these as soon as the garden soil dries out. Also, I found myself a bit surprised to see that I need to start my peppers soon according to my seed starting schedule.

Usually, I can't wait to sow my seeds and I have to force myself not to venture too far ahead of schedule or I will end up with a jungle of overgrown seedlings under the lights. I feel a bit out of sync this year. I do hope this straightens itself out soon.

I am also continuing my education on backyard chickens and coop plans. I am pretty sure we are going to begin gathering material and building a hen house and run soon.


  1. Hi GM, I am in zone 5B also and I think on the same seed schedule. Our weather is supposed to be sunny and a high in the 60s about next week end. If you have critters in the Mink family make sure the coop and run are designed for them.

    1. Hi John, Spring is such a tease. We had a few warm days, then a few cold ones to remind me that we are not there yet. I have a small stream over the bank on the edge of our property, so I wouldn't be surprised if we have weasels in our area. I know they can get into really small gaps. I hope to predator proof the coop well enough to prevent this.

  2. I have off years. . . In fact, it's been a few years! I'm trying to be easy on myself and not get caught up in gardening "shoulds," but I have so much stuff that could be doing better. Argh.

    1. I think I am back on track now. Some sunny days and warmer weather helps. Hopefully things will remain on course. We rely a lot on our home grown food.