Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Garden Companion

Several more garden beds were prepared for planting this past week. As you can see I had some help. Bradie seemed to think the soil was weeded, mixed with fresh compost, and leveled off so she could lie down and soak up the sun.


It IS a bed isn't it?

We removed the outer fence surrounding the garden last fall so we could trim the grass that entangled itself in the wire. We haven't replaced it yet because the garden fence will share a wall with the new chicken pen. We didn't want the fence to be in the way while working on the coop. I have taken to roughly circling planted beds with the fencing to keep the dogs out of newly planted areas. The beds will be filling up soon with transplants and we will need to put up the garden fence to protect them. But for now, Bradie is taking advantage of being in the garden.


  1. Awww, she looks so happy! My dogs think the garden "beds" are for sleeping on, too. Thankfully, most of them are now securely fenced. Otto can still jump the little fence I have protecting the rhubarb and some tomatoes, but he can't do much damage to that one.

    1. I have loosely surrounded the beds that have been planted. Luckily, Bradie knows not to push through or jump the fencing. She will be disappointed once we fence her out, but there are plenty of flower gardens she can lie in :)

  2. Hahaha. Cute. She reminds me of Mr.Pickles. They understand you are focused on something so they just lay right on it knowing you have to pay attention!