Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekly Garden Musings: May 31, 2013

It was so good to finally see some sun for a few hours on Sunday. Then there was a frost warning overnight Sunday as well. Luckily, the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and other heat loving seedlings were safely inside since daytime temperatures dipped into the 40s over the weekend. Monday, Memorial Day morning I woke to the sun's rays peeking though the leaves on the trees. It was a beautiful and sunny day and we spent it working outside all day mostly mowing and trimming the overgrown lawn.

I have several clients on vacation this week so my workload has been a bit light. I have taken full advantage of the extra time to work outside getting the garden weeded and ready for the big transplant session this weekend. HOT temperatures reaching 80s and 90s began on Thursday are expected to continue through the weekend. Pretty drastic difference from the 40s we experienced last weekend.

A lot of weeds have been popping up in the garden beds as a result of all the rain we have experienced. As I weeded the spring greens bed, I discovered that some of the "weeds" were cilantro. I must have added spent cilantro stalks to the compost bin last year and the seeds sprouted. These self-sown plants are a welcomed addition. Cilantro doesn't transplant well and I have difficulty growing from direct sowed seeds.

Surprise Cilantro in the Lettuce Bed

The wet weather has also encouraged the carrot seeds to sprout and the overcast days have prevented the newly emerged seedling from perishing. I hope I can keep them going through our little heat wave.

Spinach, Kale, and Pak Choi have all be happy during our cool and damp weather. The were started late this year and have just begun to provide us with harvests. I fear they will bolt during the warm temps so I harvested all that I could on Thursday morning before the day warmed up.

The coop has been progressing slowly. We worked on the details on the outside such as adding hinges and installing the doors, which includes two main doors on either end, a chicken "pop" door that will allow the flock into the enclosed pen, and an egg retrieving door. We also assembled the windows out of a few boards and plexiglass. Then we measured and cut the trim around all the windows, doors, and corners. All the trim required painting and that is where we were held up because of the rainy weather. Now that drier and warmer weather is here progress can resume.

Painting Trim for the Coop

The chicks are doing really well. It has been a week since we brought them home. I can't believe how fast they grow.

Chicks at One Week

The seedlings are outside now all hardened off and ready to be placed into the garden. I have taken inventory and am reworking the garden plan in order to fit in the number of seedlings I have. No matter how well I plan, I always end up with some extra in one variety and some short in another.

It will be a busy weekend as I finally transplant the seedlings and sow some seeds.


  1. Oh how cute they are! So exciting to have them isn't it! Some yucky temperatures you have had! I was complaining about a May frost a couple of weeks ago! Love some surprise cilantro. I didn't have any surprise cilantro this year, boo. But I have a little coming up. Hopefully I can get some before it gets too hot for them!

    1. The chicks certainly are cute and growing so fast. It won't be long before they are n their gawky teenager phase. The weather has been crazy! The cold kept me from gardening last weekend and the heat is keeping me from gardening this weekend. Luckily, next week looks more seasonal.