Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weekly Garden Musings: June 20, 2013

Last week we pushed to finish off the coop so the chicks could move in by the weekend. The garden was pretty much neglected aside from a few harvests.

Rainy weather kept the garden watered, but also allowed the weeds to grow. The first task this week was some much needed weeding.

Even though I wasn’t paying the garden much attention, it seems to be progressing really well. Some observations:

Bush Beans 

Pole Beans

First Pepper Blossom

Potatoes Ready to Bloom

Garlic Scapes beginning to form

Salsify and Shogun Turnip have sprouted. Both are new to the garden spot this year. I wanted to add more variety of root vegetables for roasting and stews. The Shogun Turnip will need to be thinned. I am looking forward to the greens.

Shogun Turnip

The tomatoes suffered a bit from the delay in transplanting to the garden. They seemed to have recovered as their new growth is much greener and healthier looking:

Tomato Showing nice, green new growth

I was disappointed to find that after weeding the carrot bed, I only have about 2-dozen carrots growing. A waste of growing space and effort. I scattered more carrot seeds, pressed them into the soil, watered, and hoped for the best.

Pests: Slugs and snails were found munching on the bolted pak choi. Stripped potato beetles were spotted on the potato plants although not at the numbers seen in the past. Flea beetles are lacing up the eggplant and some pepper foliage. No stripped cucumber beetles yet. Usually they strike when the plants are very young and vulnerable. Maybe a later planting actually encouraged them to go elsewhere?

This week: more weeding


  1. Sad about the carrots. Sometimes they are so hard to get to germinate and then the cutworms come in and chew them down.

    1. I have such a difficult time growing spring carrots. I am not sure why I keep trying. They are abundant at the farm stands.

  2. There is always some sort of pest just lurking ready to spoil everything.

    1. It would be nice if the pests would leave our gardens alone :) Last year the pests were just awful. This year they seem less so. We shall see as time progresses.

  3. I think I have carrots planted everywhere there is to plant them! My early ones came up and then disappeared, the later plantings look to be a bit more successful. We actually got enough for a meal this week (about 1/4 of those pulled were too small and deformed to use), but it will be a long time before any more show up on the table. Absolutely the worst carrot year ever :-(

    1. I have much better success with fall carrots than I do spring. I usually seed them in the garlic bed after the garlic is harvested. They usually end up providing a nice harvest. Maybe I’ll try seeding more in other beds as they open up later in the season.

    2. I did that two days ago. My garlic was all flopped over and I figured it wasn't going to get any larger, so I pulled it and planted carrots.

  4. carrots can be a pains sometimes. I pulled several split and deformed ones this week. They didn't go to waste, I shredded them into salad. At least they weren't bitter this year. I really hate the pests, I hope with all the extra stuff I have planted this year I am not just asking for more pests!

  5. I'm having a terrible time with flea beetles on my eggplant and starting on my peppers too. I've replaced several of the eggplants, used pepper, garlic and cinnamon spray. If things don't improve this week I will just have to pull the eggplants altogether. Which is sad because I've never had trouble with them in past years.