Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekly Garden Musings: June 26, 2013

Hot and humid summer weather has hit us hard the past week. Temperatures have been in the high 80s low 90s combined with high humidity and dew point making it very difficult to even breathe.

Everything seems to take much more effort when it is hot and humid out. This type of weather tends to spur spotty thunderstorms, but none were producing enough rain to quench the dry soil in the garden. Last Sunday evening, I wrestled at least 30 minutes in the heat with two tangled hoses to water all the beds in the garden. When I finally finished, I was sweaty, dirty, wet, and had straw stuck in my sandals and legs. Exhausted, I went inside to take a shower. When I emerged, the sky was overcast as thundershowers rolled in. They dumped a good amount of rain overnight. Ah, if I had only known.

The soil darkened as the garden greedily drank up the moisture that fell. The plants responded by growing quickly in only a few days. We need to add trellis netting to the tomato beds soon to support their growth. Some are even flowering:

The First Tomato Blossoms

The First Pepper

Garlic Scapes Ready for Harvest

While I wasn't paying attention, the blueberry plants flowered and formed lots of berries. Looks like it will be a good harvest this year:


From Front to Back: Tomatoes and Peppers, Onions, Carrots, Onions, and Garlic

The chickens have adjusted very well to their new home. I really enjoy watching them graze around their pen. They are 5-weeks old this week and no longer need a heat lamp at night. Not that a heat lamp is necessary with the hot temperatures we have been experiencing. In fact, I am leaving the windows of their coop open to allow ventilation overnight.

They enjoy spending time under the coop in the shade. The soil is dry here and perfect for dust baths.

Chickens Dust Bathing

Pests: Slugs continue to assault the garden. A neighborhood cat dug in the Salsify bed.


  1. Your garden is looking great, and your chicks are growing up so quickly! Life is good :-)

    OK, so the slugs and the neighbor's cat can just go away. Then life would be even better.

    1. I am amazed at how fast the chickens grow. Even from day to day they change.

      I should have known better with the cat digging in the garden. I usually use some fencing formed as a hoop to keep the cats out of the garden beds until the plants are established. I was a little short on this hoop.

  2. Are you going to let the chickens in the garden after the crops are pulled to eat the slugs?

    1. Absolutely! We have built a "chicken tractor" that can be moved around the yard. It's a fenced in pen on wheels that will be placed over the garden beds and allow the chickens to forage.

  3. I hope you are enjoying your girls! Ours have a routine, they like to have a dustbath and nap in the early afternoons -- so cute.

    1. I love to just watch them run around and forage. Right now I am pretty sure I have at least one rooster in the bunch. I won't know for sure until he crows. I hope the others are girls.

  4. We are having the same should-I-water-should-I-wait issues here! The rain finally came on Wednesday. It's been pretty wet. Our garden sure needed it. Your garlic looks great. Ours is OK, but the bottom leaves are already turning yellow.