Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekly Garden Musings: June 7, 2013

The weather over the past week has been crazy. The weekend was hot, humid, and very uncomfortable to even walk outside. Our heat spell began on Thursday and lasted through the weekend. After our hot days, there was a shift in the atmosphere as the remnants of the storm that produced deadly tornadoes in the Midwest headed through New England. Some areas nearby experienced violent thundershowers, microbursts that shredded trees, and even a small tornado made impact. Luckily, we experienced only non-damaging heavy winds and rain.

Once the storm passed and temperatures returned to more normal levels, the garden was finally planted. My goal was to have the garden in by Thursday so the predicted rain will give everything a nice deep watering. One by one, each bed was layered with soaker hoses, planted, watered, and mulched:

Garden Overview From North Looking South

Potato Bed

Anaheim Peppers


Squash Bed Prepared for Planting

"The Chickies" are doing really well. We haven't named them yet as we are waiting to see more of their individual personalities. We are great friends now that I bring them worms and other treats from the garden:

The Chickies - Worm Hunters

They are looking less fuzzy right now as their feathers are growing in. They are beginning to stretch their newly feathered wings by flying on top of the feeder or to my hand when I lift off the cover of the brooder. It began when one of the Golden Laced Wyandottes flew up on the feeder. When I reached to remove her, she grasped onto my finger and calmly sat down and roosted on it. I lifted her up, talked and petted her a bit and she seemed completely happy with the attention and change of scenery. The others also wanted some attention so now when I visit, I handle a few of them at a time.

The Chickies - Two Weeks

A lot of progress was also made on the coop over the last week. During the hot spell, we worked in the mornings before the heat climbed to oppressive levels. We attached the egg door, chicken door, and trim around the windows. More trim was measured, cut, and painted. Boy, I am so happy the trim is finished. We are not carpenters and even after measuring several times before cutting, sometimes the piece doesn't end up quite the correct size. Crooked cuts also become more obvious when painted white and placed against the barn red building. We have wasted a lot of time, effort, and lumber re-cutting pieces. Even then, the results are not perfect. Also, oil based paint was a bargain, but it takes forever to dry especially when it is hot and humid outside. We are going to have to live with some flaws.

On Saturday, just before the heat chased us indoors to air-conditioned comfort for the day, I went inside the coop to measure the nesting box area. You would think that going into a small building while the temperatures are climbing into the 90s would be oppressively hot. In fact, it seemed to feel the same as being in the shade of the trees surrounding the yard. The windows on the east and west side of the coop provided a nice cross ventilation.

It is a huge relief to finally have the garden planted and the coop almost finished. We are hoping to get the chicken tractor finished this weekend so the chicks can begin enjoying some supervised time outside.


  1. The garden is looking good. As the the chicks. I'll be waiting to see a photo of the finished project. So exciting.

    1. I'll take some updated pictures of the coop next week. The roof isn't complete yet. and it is covered with a tarp to protect it from the rain. Hopefully we will get a lot done this upcoming week now that the garden is planted.

  2. Good feeling, getting the garden in, isn't it? I'm in the middle of that dilemma of what to plant as replacements for the things I'm pulling out. I can only use so many green beans, LOL!

    Those chicks are so darned cute! I wish I could talk Mr. Granny into letting me have a few, but we've gone there before....all I get is an "Absolutely NOT!".

    1. I am so happy to have the garden planted finally. We have such a short growing season that bush beans or carrots seem to be my replacements. We never have enough carrots here.

      The chicks grow so fast. There seems to be only a few weeks of cuteness then they begin to look scraggly as their feathers grow in.

  3. We're using weed control fabric on lots of our beds this year too to try and cut down on the amount of time spent on weeding!

  4. Things are looking great! Spring was pretty strange here too. It was either really hot and humid or freezing. I couldn't even plant my beans until early June and I had to cover the tomatoes and peppers on a few occasions.