Friday, August 30, 2013

Garden Musings: August 30, 2013

Last Saturday I began my morning outside making more soil blocks to try to start additional lettuce seedlings. The first batch of lettuce and spinach that was started a few weeks ago and was transplanted into the garden:

Once I was finished seeding the soil blocks, I placed the chickens in the tractor to let them forage safely on some green grass in the shade while I raked out their pen and cleaned their coop.

They are 13 weeks old and going through their second juvenile mini-molt. Feathers were everywhere. Also their pen was littered with the stems from the greens I have been feeding them all week. The rakings were all added to the compost pile.

Speaking of the compost pile...

I needed some compost for a few beds in the garden for fall crops. The bins are on the edge of the yard and have been pretty much ignored all summer except to toss things in. In only a few short months the weeds had taken over the area. Mostly Jewelweed, which is shallow rooted and pulls out without difficulty. There were a few blackberry or raspberry canes mixed in so I had to be careful how I grabbed and pulled the weeds. Even with gloves on, I found a few thorns the hard way.

Once the weeds were cleared, I was able to shovel out some of the oldest compost for the garden.

While I was at it, I turned the newest bin by raking it into a second bin right beside it. This will be the majority of the compost for next spring’s garden.

I think I am going to like the newly expanded composting system. I have four bins, one for new, one for finished (or almost finished in this case), and two to hold fall leaves to be layered in with the new bin.


  1. I do the same thing with my compost piles. I also have a small holding black composter for finished that I use sometime. The reality is that the first one is new to half done. The second one is half done to finished. The the last two are leaves. Needless to say I don't turn my piles over much.

    1. It is rare for me to turn my compost. At least one a year as I dig down to rob the finished compost at the bottom of the pile is usually it. This year it was turned twice. I don't think it will make much difference.