Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Still Some Early Greens Growing

I think I chose my spring greens bed wisely this year. It is shaded part of the day by the pole bean trellis to the south. The spinach, Asian greens, and some varieties of lettuce have bolted or turned bitter long ago, but kale, chard, and a few lettuce plants are still growing. I pulled the mulching straw aside and gave the bed a good weeding this past week.

Simpson Elite and Rouge d’Hiver were the two lettuce varieties that lasted the longest. The Simpson Elite turned bitter just last week and was fed to the chickens.

Kale too is still going strong with relatively little pest damage other than a few slugs and snails on the lower leaves. The chickens seem to love Kale and the snail disappeared quickly.

I will allow the mature greens to produce as long as they can and will transplant some of the fall greens around them.


  1. My Red Sails is just now beginning to bolt, so I've pulled and composted most of it. I might have just enough left to provide us with lettuce while waiting for the newly transplanted seedlings to grow. I'm letting some go to seed around the flowers, hoping it will volunteer next spring.

  2. I haven't had lettuce in so long. I've got some two week old transplants that I want to harden off. I want at least some fall lettuce.

  3. I guess a touch of protein with the lettuce is welcomes by the chickens.